Should we remove creeper explosion ?

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Should creepers explode (cause damage and break blocks?)

Yes, they should explode. 28 vote(s) 75.7%
No, they shouldn't explode. 9 vote(s) 24.3%
  1. Should creepers be able to cause explosions in the ground?
    Personally, I think that they destruction should be turned off for wastelands/wilderness sake, but still do damage to players.
    Removing creeper explosions would make the frontier look less trashed than it already is, and make getting out of the spawn on either much better.
    However, for some, it's just another "things happen" moment and it's no big deal.

    This was a suggestion I had thought about for a while. Vote for your answer and support it! :)
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  2. Yes, because
    • It's a big hassle to clean up creeper explosions
    • People don't even try to patch the holes up
    No, because

    • It's a part of survival that we all have to deal with
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  3. No way. It's part of the game and part of the risk of living in the wild. IMO it's easy in SP. At least on EMC we can up the difficulty.
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  4. it is something ive considered. While it changes vanilla behavior, you do have to consider long term impacts of it such as the world destruction.

    So its really a question of are we ok with compromising that 'risk' of creepers for the benefit of the overall world health.

    Considering they dont damage buildings... its already less vanilla risk with them to destroy your items. just the risk of making your landscape ugly.

    So are we ok with self-griefing with creepers just for the sake of VANILLA, or do we make the experience better and nerf it too?
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  5. Agreed as above, it's a part of the game that we play, I don't think that we should change it :)
  6. Would help make the frontier stay looking... Well... Alive, and keeping the frontier pretty is encouraged in tutorial. However, it is an internal feature and creepers can't blow up named blocks (or is that TNT?).
  7. Considering we're already significantly distanced from vanilla, in terms of mob behavior at least, I'd say it doesn't really matter.
  8. I think they should cause damage. Minecraft wouldn't be fun without challenges like this, in my opinion.
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  9. maybe set creeper explosions off close to outposts or make them unable to spawn close to them.
  10. I am about to post a thread about an organization I am making, EARTH, which stands for environmental agency removing terrain holes. It's purpose is to rebeautify the land which includes removing creeper holes
  11. Speaking of this issue....

    ...I think Creepers should explode...

    ...but I've often thought about restoring a path or two going away from an Outpost but I'm hesitant to do so because of the anti-griefing rules. How long until something out in the wild or waste before it is considered "Abandoned" like in town?
  12. Can't this coincide with difficulty or is that too much?
    1-4 no hole, 5-10 hole.
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  13. I think creepers should be able to destroy blocks because that's part of the game. It just adds to the realities of survival. Creepers be creepin yo
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  14. Things are already pretty protective around creepers so I don't think it would do the game any good to nerf this even more. Because that world damage is often also a new hurdle to take; you try to back up from a mob, a creeper explodes behind you, you fall into the hole and another creeper decides to keep you company there and... party time!

    As much as I hate it when that happens its part of the game and I don't think it should be changed.

    The only place where I think this might be useful is around established and protected outposts. If we can get (land) protection from player griefers then why should mob griefers (creepers & endermen) be treated any different?

    But other than that... I actually like cleaning up a bit in the wastelands every now and then.
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  15. I found someone that doesn't like your idea.........In fact he's quite, enraged about it.

  16. Creepers are a big part of vanilla, I think they should stay the same. If creepers are going to be changed I think it should only be for the area close to the outposts.
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  17. I like the land around my outpost neat and tidy, so i always fill in creeper holes even when traveling I'll fill in creeper holes. I also don;t mind if they explode as it is part of the game. I say keep the explosions.
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  18. I like and hate em I think we should do a diffivlty thing 1-3 no explosion 4-10 bang!
  19. Except its a bit different to modify the impact on a player for difficulty levels than it is a mob. Imagine I'm on difficulty 8 standing next to you on difficulty 1-3. While you may take less damage than I do from this or rather less durability loss and such...the Creeper needs to explode to do anything. After all it has no other attacks :)
  20. I agree with my peers, they should explode