Should I continue to open my builds?

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  1. Hey EMC,

    In the past few months, i have been rethinking. I have been working very hard to try and open my builds for the public, and been spending much more money than anyone can imagine, but i am running into many issues.

    There are many players that complain about my builds, and don't give any respect. Some even come to the point where they talk bad about me behind my back, and even some talk bad about me with me there without knowing i am there.

    Some even come to the point where they judge me, and make fun of me, and make disgusting comments.

    So I am here to ask if I should continue my builds.....

    Below is a List and small brief about each build.....

    -12731 Garden Res
    Finished and do updates and sell alt heads.

    -12845 Gold and Iron Shop
    Finished, and do updates, and sell Cheap Iron and Gold.

    -12345 (4 Res Mega Mall)
    Still building, and hope to finish sometime, lol

    -12121 (Rebuilding)
    Tearing down the old 8 res project, and will rebuild into a Massive 8 Res Casino with 75% automatic fun games to win many different money options.

    -12004 (6 Res Museum)
    EMC's Biggest Museum with Rares and Promos, and Promo Shop, as well as many games within and under the res, and many secrets hidden within the res

    Massive 20,000 x 20,000 Maze
    Side Project. Will work more on it when i finish my other builds


    So now you know my current projects, please give feed back, as i am rethinking as all i do is build, and receive many rude comments as stated above.

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  2. wat
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  3. Of course you should continue with your builds! Don't let a few bad apples get under your skin. :) Your building style is unique and I am looking forward to some of your future builds. The amount of time and energy you pour into these projects is amazing and I'd hate to see you stop due to a few people criticizing your work. :D
  4. In my opinion, your work is amazing. It'd be a shame to see them go unfinished.
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  5. To put it bluntly, to hell with those that can't appreciate your stuff. Don't let the fools win. Build for those that actually appreciate it and don't waste time on those that don't.
  6. Bit confused on what there is to complain about your res.

    Keep building!
  7. It is so sad how people want to live a life of being rude to people who just go along their business trying to make the best out of MC and build things. Even the largest and amazing things that everyone loves, those specific people come in and criticize. It is so disgusting for those who want to criticize someone of your talent and your most amazing builds with the up most and out right gross comments and tell people how terrible you are when you aren't. IMO, I think your builds are straight up amazing and shouldn't be criticized in any way. So much money put into those huge builds. The alternate accounts, materials and such. Also the time and effort, it just isn't right to criticize it. I obviously know someone is going to heavily quote me on this saying that I lashed out at you, but I am just trying to say how sucky this generation is and how people want to lead a life of criticism against something so magnificent and beautiful. And this is also a compliment to how great your builds are. I don't care what other people say. And as doofni said, don't get bummed down just from some rude comment, just say that the insult you got was a compliment, and move on. Or /ignore. Go ahead and finish your work. It will all pay off in the near future. Don't give up. And if you need motivation, just refer back to this thread and see all the amazing soon to be comments on this thread. And I hope your future is bright on EMC.
  8. just to start im going to say i havnt heard any such info going around on emc on my side but again that can be due to many different things. second if you plan on using each build yes of course open them up and keep them going but another part with that would be if you dont want to finish them and open them up then dont it is entirely up to you because it does come down to the builder themselves. only one off hand that ive actually seen is the museum (if its the build made with stone slabs mainly along with other blocks mixed in) and i have to say it is a beauty. all in all it really comes down to you and what you think/want. i really wouldnt pay attention to the haters anymore because there really isnt an excuse to be disrespectful about anything behind another persons back over something done in a game let alone anywhere. again so far from what ive seen of that museum it is most definitely a beauty. keep them going
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  9. h8rs will hate :confused:

    u should do /ignore and continue 2 have fun!

    gonna check ur builds now :)
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  10. *Sigh* I understand the hate aspect of this, not so much in game but alot more irl orientated. But in game, you do have the option to ignore as said above. I would just ignore them, and if they use multiple accounts or something dumb, just say something along the lines of: "Why don't you build on this mass of a scale?" They will most likely give some reason saying they can't. So then just say something about how can they hate if they haven't even come near the progress you have. I hope you do continue your builds, I really do. I remember when I was around 300 days when I first talked to you and stated how impressed with the time and money put into the project, it was honestly an amazing site and to me was something to strive for. I never got there, I become more of a wild person, but I have full respect and hope you finish those builds! :)
    ~Agitating (Ted)
  11. I think you should do what you want with your builds. I would like to see you open them if that's what you want. Just do what I do and /ignore the meanies.
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  12. No, absolutely not. You should totally give up the minute anyone says anything bad about your work. Clearly, all the best projects were made in complete harmony and agreement, with no negative feedback whatsoever.
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  13. You should continue. You are an impressive builder. I would be sad to see your wonderful builds go unfinished.
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  14. Continue building. You're definitely a better builder than I am and it's nice to see your builds. Don't let others stop you. :)
  15. The things people say define them, not you. I think your builds look nice and I see no reason to close them.
  16. Hey, the less "you don't have movement permission on this res" encounters I get in a day, the happier I am. Especially when I want to check out a cool build but am denied for some global res ban reason. So show your works and show some pride
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  17. Finch you have explained every piece of your build to me. Trust me the wow factor i had from just an introductory was like oh my god beck look at that butt. =P *wait wrong line* OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING! Anyways Finish Destroy and concur. Maybe more players should get on mumble once and a while just a brief tour? that would be cool. =P KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! DONT STOP BELIEVING. JUST DO IT! *Other Lines Insert Here*
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  18. Finch u r awesome I think my jaw is now lost under my bed somewhere
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  19. Your builds are amazing. Just went to your mall and garden, as well as your iron/gold shop. I can't believe people are complaining about your builds, I would never have ideas of building places like this. It takes a lot of time and effort to build that 4 res mall, yet people are still complaining? You should keep building, your builds might attract me to smp6 more often. ;)
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