Shop spam, What do you think!!

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Would you like the ability to turn off/on Shop spam when needed

Yes 38 vote(s) 90.5%
No 4 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. I would like to suggest that we have the ability to turn off shop spam.

    It is helpful to see shop spam at time's, but when in the wild fighting mobs and someone is either selling to your shop or buying from it, shop spam blocking out your screen can be very distracting.

    I so have never died when this is happening but it certainly has not helped.

    Having the ability to turn this off like chat when in the wild would be very useful to me, would it help you!!

    So what do you the community think about it as a suggestion.

    We need to take into consideration the additional programming and time that would be required mst likely by Aikar so pls use the vote system and make comments.
  2. You can always use /c off (/chat off) :)
  3. Disabled it months ago with macro mod... *evil laugh*

    (will be releasing this one and a few more in a couple of days)
  4. Well, that is of course a solution but not one to the problem he might be referring to. For example, say I was chatting with a friend and suddenly, shop spam happens, I miss a couple of messages and make the other feel like I might have not been paying attention. Or just plain miss something important.

    Edit: I just got Ninja'd, which is quite ironic.
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  5. I say not via a command. Because there will be those people who will whine when they lose all their rupees due to not capping their chests-_-
  6. This is not about chat on/off ........its about shop spam on/off .

    I mention chat purely as an example of how it could work.
  7. it would be there choice like chat but say something like /shoplist off /shoplist on
  8. I know, but they would forget. I suggest asking Jack to share his script with you.
  9. Not yet. I just got banned by SYSTEM because it bugged out. >.>
  10. In 1.5 mojang has added the feature of making the chat window shorter, taller, wider, or smaller. As well as the ability to turn off the chat window via the game esc menu I believe. So you could just wait for that.
  11. This is a good idea, but maybe having a summary pop up after ask some has sold/bought from your shop so you can make sure they are not draining your balance. So for example, only after there is action in your shop, every 5 minutes a message will come up and say you sold (amount) items to (player) for (amount of rupees) or (player) sold (amount) items to you for (amount of rupees). Just an idea
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  12. Yes that could maybe added in, and you would only turn it off for short periods while mining in dangerous area's if you really needed to keep an eye on your sales etc.
  13. Good idea. Or if hunting at night. And maybe when you turn it back on it will give a whole summary on what happened the entire time you had it off. I also think if this was made a command, it should be reset back to normal when you disconnect so you don't forget to turn it back on.
  14. Well we do have a complete summary of all sales on the website if you click Rupees under your profile area to the right of the screen.
  15. Better idea every 5 minutes it tells a report of your shop
    BackJiggin has bought 64 iron ingots for 1r
    Superg64 has sold 3456 gold ingots for 64000r
  16. Yes I am aware of the rupees history. Justan easier way to see and you don't have to scroll through the pages. Just something like:
    Your rupees balance before shop chat was turned off:
    Your current rupees balance:
  17. Good idea! That's a lot like we have been talking about though.
  18. We do have a feature to turn the "system messages" off. Forgive me, but I do not recall it off the top of my head.

    Jack!? Whereyat on this?
  19. You could just use nodus and it will combine the messages :eek:... (jk)But in all seriousness, that is very annoying.