Share random facts about yourself.

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  1. *Notice, I would like it if we didn't get all depressing with this.*

    Here are mine.

    1. I am possibly the most awkward person to be around when I first meet you.

    2. My best subject in school is Social Studies. (Or history)

    3. I am god awful at Math.

    4. I play percussion.

    5. Mrlegitislegit was not the name I originally wanted for my Minecraft

    *More facts to come soon*

    *EDIT* Can a mod change Shear to Share...
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  2. That is way too much information. Seriously man, I didn't need to know that.
  3. You do now.

    But fine, I'll change it..
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  4. 1) I'm horrible at math

    2) My favorite subject is science

    3) I am not good at singing or dancing, but i do enjoy singing

    4) My religon (Baptist) prohibits me from dancing

    5) When i first joined EMC, i hated the server for many reasons. Now i love it :3

    *Hopefully more facts to come*
  5. 1. I like to shear sheep (When i first say Shear random facts i thought this was gonna be a totally different forum)

    2. I hate math and the person that created it, but i am good with it deals with money >.>

    3. I don't really have a religion since i don't classify myself but i believe in God

    4. Heels, dresses, pink, and human babies scare me.

    5. Have never had a serious relationship cept to my computer and game systems (They don't mind i cheat and no im not all depressed about it)

    6. I don't take sheep from anyone not even creepers and sonicol1 (im watching you >.>)

    7. Pandaseatramen is my best friend, she hasnt reached sister title yet but i bet in 90 years with determination she will get there.

    8. I got friends in all places; Pakistan, England, Australia, etc...

    This is me :D sheeeeeep
  6. But so do I lol, for the same reasons lol
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  7. 1. I'm 6'4, 170lbs

    2. I'm 15 years old

    3. I have a 3.9 GPA

    4. Yes I am black

    5. I am a catholic

    6. I can dunk

    7. I play the piano! :)
  8. 1) I suck at Math. I can't count money for crap. Can't tell time unless I actually have a digital clock or can see the numbers on the clock.
    2) I hate being female 95% of the time, but I'd probably be a guy who'd wear make-up and style my hair all girly.
    3) My hiccups sound like a bird dying and are really embarrassing.
    4) I have no idea what I wanna be "when I grow up."
    5) I would rather watch cartoons and Anime than the news.
    6) I'd only be pope to ride around in the funny little car.
    7) I'm usually really quiet until you get to know me.
    8) I don't tell people a lot of the things I am interested in because I am too afraid of being made fun of. Family counted in there.
    9) My sister Britbrit is one of my best friends. I don't have any where I live.
    10) I believe in God but I'm not religious and I don't hate on others for their beliefs.
  9. 1.) I have ran 2,600 miles within the last 2 years (dat mile counter)
    2.) I have hiked almost half th Appalachin Trail
    3.) I have ran/walk/participated in 20 5ks
    4.) I am very active, I participate in school soccer, track, and cross country
    5.) More to come when I have time to think...
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  10. Emargerd panda, quick get on tah pope-mobile!
  11. You make me feel fat @_@ lol but i went hiking yesterday for the first time and it was all find and dandy till i got back in the car and somehow popped my leg out my hip socket or something. Figured i would be eaten by the buffalo but no...a car did me in.
  12. I am not skinny, I am somewhere in the middle. :p
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  13. Gosh, in some of my high school classes the clocks have Roman numerals, I never know what time it is lol
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  14. Those and the ones where they don't have numbers, just lines throw me off :I
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  15. I dont know why i laughed at this because i cant even tell time if the numbers are normal xD I remember out teacher in 2nd grade saying "oh everything is digital now you dont have to worry" v_v
  16. 1. Last I checked, I was human.

    2. I play 6 instruments, some better than others. :p

    3. I enjoy making multimedia.

    4. I love collecting random things. My drawers' filled with rocks, paper, wrappers, comics, Legos, DS games, mini Gundam figurines, coupons, bookmarks, pencils, artwork, duct tape, stickers, guitar picks, etc.

    5. <--This is my favorite number.

    6. I listen to A LOT of electronic music.
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  17. 1) I play games with a trackpad, not a mouse
    2) Apparently I'm the only person who enjoys math...
    3) I play on EMC with my brother funkyfalcon34
    4) My username is "Talukegord" because my mother made an account to get a gift code for MC, but she accidentally redeemed the gift code instead of sending it.....I would have been duckydude34 :p
    5) My favorite band is Green Day
    6) I have nothing else that is interesting to say....
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  18. Name them? I play the Baritone, mallets, and trombone.. :3
  19. Cool, I play piano, violin, clarinet, electric guitar, viola and drum kit. (I suck on drum kit. :p)
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  20. I am the complete opposite. I am awesome with Math. (So much, I am majoring in it).
    While I am horrendous at anything involving history.
    I want to do that eventually.

    I believe I have very minor OCD.
    I read.. A lot.
    I didn't even learn in school. My older brother taught me.