[SERVICE] Make your skin to plastic! In Real Life!

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  1. Hello Bugsy Here, I have gotten into plastic making, here is an example :

    These Links will show you pic :

    If you would like your skin made here are the prices :
    Remember it is in real life :
    Each Pixel ( 2mm by 2mm ) - 250 rupees
    Full Skin ( 3.5 in by 3.5 in ) - 15,000 rupees
    Full Skin x2.5 Size ( 10 in by 10 in ) - 45,000 rupees

    Thanks, Bugsy

    Each Pixel -
    This can be made if you send me a pixel picture ( Max is 16x16 Big )
    I can make that thing ( If the pixels are connecting )
    for 250 rupees per pixel

    Free Shipping to USA
    + 5,000 rupees to Canada
    + 10,000 rupees to anywhere else

    I have most colors, I will tell you if your skin or picture
    has a color I don't have :)
  2. Free Shipping in USA , + 5,000 rupees to Canada, + 10,000 rupees to other places in the world
  3. Closing thread because your asking for personal information for players. Home Addresses.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.