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Do you think you will order something from C & G Suppliers?

Yes. 13 vote(s) 46.4%
Not Really... 3 vote(s) 10.7%
Maybe, I Don't know what I need though. xD 12 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. ~C & G Suppliers~
    Need Supplies but just don't want to collect them, or maybe you just don't know where to look for them, whatever your problem, C & G Suppliers is here to help!

    Orders : 5 / 5
    WARNING : Orders have been stopped due to too many orders until further notice, DO NOT Post an order UNLESS It is either enderpearls or dirt which we already have in stock!!!

    Stone or Stone Brick
    {Min : 64 / Max : 1 DC}
    64 - 64r
    Single Chest - 1556r
    Double Chest - 3111r


    {Min : 64 / Max : 1 DC}
    64 - 32r
    Single Chest - 778
    Double Chest - 1556


    Ender Pearls
    {Min : 32 / Max : 2 DC}
    32 - 1r
    Single Chest - 50r
    Double Chest - 100


    Charcoal or Coal
    {Min : 16 / Max : 1 SC}
    16 - 48r
    32 - 96r
    Single Chest - 4148


    {Min : 64 / Max : 2 DC}
    64 - 2r
    Single Chest - 44r
    Double Chest - 100r


    Wood Logs (any) (Changed to wood logs)
    {Min : 64 / Max : 1 SC}
    32 - 60r
    64 - 120r
    Single Chest - 2592r


    {Min : 10 / Max : 1 SC}
    10 - 215r
    64 - 1378r
    Single Chest - 29765
    Need more Glowstone than this? maybe try Here!


    {Min : 32 / Max : 1 SC}
    32 - 11r
    64 -23r
    Single Chest - 497r

    Didn't find what you need? Depending on Quantity and Value if you ask, we may gather for you!
    ~Donate & Volunteer~
    If you'd like to Volunteer please PM Chewsy4 on the Fourms for Details. If you would like to Donate visit 17150 on smp8 then hop into the C & G Inc. Office Teleport and find the Hopper for Donations.
    Thank You to ALL Donations and Volunteers!!!

  2. Bump. Guys, if you need any items there are no orders yet, first come first served! Get your things quick!!!
  3. Do not become discouraged.
    I could use a single chest of stone bricks.
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  4. Order Taken, I'll get to work, and thanks for being the first customer xwx
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  5. No problem ^_^
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  6. I believe the reason for the low orders are the prices... No offense. They aren't stupidly high. But would keep buying away, especially the pearls. Pearls are worthless.
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  7. Could anyone please tell me what's wrong with the company? Are the prices too high? Am I Offering too litle stuff?
  8. I'll help out. A DC of Wood LOGS would be worth ~5000, Pearls are like ~100 a DC last time I checked due to farms. Everything else is ok. Hope this hepled.
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  9. You could get a lot more (up to 15k) for logs. Enderpearls I may consider buying, but, as Tigerstar said, are WAY too expensive.

    On another note, I'd like to order some coal... however, is the max a SC or a DC? You have a Max of a SC, but you listed a price for a DC.

    Regardless, I'll take all you can mine me. I wouldn't like charcoal, but normal coal.
  10. Ah, you've noticed my mistake x3 Ill get a SC for you as soon as possible ^w^
  11. Ok, Please pay and set an access chest for me at your res, and also tell me which res to go to x3 (Pay 1556r)
  12. Payment and chest will be up sometime this evening (I'm currently at work DX) I will PM with the info when I get home.
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  13. Please pay 4148r and set up an access chest for me on your residence and tell me where to go ^w^
  14. Could you also set the access to ChrisFlareon aswell? I might not be online when you get back so he could deliver for you (Don't worry, he's tottally trustworthy, he helped collect it x3) Also, please tell me where you will set the chest so I can tell him where to go if I'm not online at that time ^w^
  15. Yeah no problem
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  16. Could you tell me where you will set the chest just so i can tell him x3
  17. I will set it straight forward on the path in my home you wont be able to miss it.
  18. Paid. The chest is at 11361 on SMP5 - you can't miss it.
  19. Could I get a SC of coal or charcoal, doesn't matter which?