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  1. Welcome to meerkatman1`s Glowstone service!
    Here you can order glowstone in various amounts.
    Prices: (You may choose how much stacks you may need) MAX OF 1 DC
    Each 64 (Stack) = 1,050r (These are optional on quantity)
    512 (8 Stacks) = 8,100r (300r off, Recomended)
    1 Single Chest = 28,350r (700r off)
    1 Double Chest, This order will take some time = 55,500r (1200r off)
    To order, Please send me a PM or reply on how much you are ordering. Pickup is at 16925@glowstone (SMP8). NOTE: The service could stop for some time then open back up at any time. So your orders will be on hold

    How much orders i have waiting:
  2. Question:
    Can people stock you? I have a ton of dust.
  3. If its for free, yes. But i do not buy :p
  4. Of course it is for free! You are my friend!!!!
  5. Where should I drop it of?
  6. :D I can setup an access chest i guess at 16925
  7. I have got 9 stacks atm, So get them instantly if you order now!
  8. Ill take a DC
  9. I'll take 1 DC to :)
  10. O.O My first order a dc. You are on note! This order will take weeks to finish, So i will pm you when done :)
  11. Oh no, Another. I may stop doing dc`s, But you are listed!
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  12. I'll take a DC too please @ 57k.

    Thanks :)
  13. NOTE that 3 Double chests are on order so i will not be accepting any more, Unless you want a stack that i can mail :)
  14. One spcae is now free! You may not order a DC in this slot
  15. May i order a Single chest please?
  16. Sure :) You are listed
  17. Can I have 1 stack @ 1008r
    I'll pay 50 extra if ya can mail it
  18. I can do that in seconds, But i have to get to town first :p Please pay 1088r :)
  19. I am ready. As soon as i see payment it will be mailed
  20. Wow, Must be a stressful life for you meerkatman1:p:p:p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.