Server Problems, Post Here!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by chickeneer, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Entire server just crashed, I think....
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  2. SMP3 is doing the "Can not connect to a default or fallback server" thingy again :eek:
  3. I was on smp5 and it suddenly dropped connection. Can't reconnect.
  4. All servers are currently down up right now.

    Only online server right now is Utopia...
    Server Statuses:
    SMP1- UP
    SMP2- UP
    SMP3- UP
    SMP4- UP
    SMP5- UP
    SMP6- UP
    SMP7- UP
    SMP8- UP
    SMP9- UP
    Utopia- UP
    Games- UP
  5. By extension, Games is up.. if anybody's bored, if it would let me on there :p
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  6. Both Utopia and Games won't connect for me

    Lol as soon as I said that, Utopia connects
  7. Utopia is up. Are you using to connect?
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  8. It is up but my character is registering as still connected to 3, so it won't lemme get on
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  9. Use that, yes, but also you have to use an alt because it hasn't registered our accounts have left yet.
  10. Looks like we're back up :D
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  11. All servers are back online woot woot

    Aikar any knowledge/ reason for this? :O

    Uhh... FM2 was on 10 minutes ago... Yet it states it was online last 3 hours ago.... what
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  12. I still can't get in to smp3.
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  13. Go to /SMP1 and then try /SMP3
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  14. OK, looks like we're back up.
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  15. I have 'Connection refused'
  16. Sorry everyone! when SMP1/2/3 went down other day it was due to a power strip failure. I forgot last night was the maintenance to replace it for game1 and 3 for a replacement. (I thought game2 was on list also, but appears SMP4/5/6 survived.)

    I also then discovered our bungeecoords do not auto restart. Will get that fixed to make it fully self recovering.
  17. Everything apart from utopia is dead. Can't connect to any others. They went down for a nightly reboot, it's been ~10 minutes and they haven't came up yet (it usually takes about 1 minute)
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  18. Staff are aware
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  19. Faded Hypothesis: The EMC servers are potatoes.
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