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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JackBiggin, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Still cant connect for me :\
  2. How long to take effect? coz I cant even connected, was on the phone for a hour with a ton of people, come on and cant connect.
  3. Aikar, FYI, this is an error I received a few minutes ago when unable to access the site.

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  4. Same.. and now server is down
  5. really bad lag on all smps i think but especially on smp4 and i cant connect :(
  6. i got on for a few mins but dc after a few mins
  7. This is bad...bad...
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  8. were doomed... dooomed!!!
  9. yep same... and i was just checking my mail and pewf
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  10. My site keeps looking like this
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  11. Blame the government
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  12. probably not working because everyone is also trying to log on at the same time?
  13. so annoying D: i need to be on!
  14. thats creepy...
  15. yeah finch i got onto 4 fro a while
  16. omg unbearable laggg
  17. going to have to resort to league of legends for a while :S
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  18. I agree, it should be! ;)
  19. well league of legends than it might be up c:
    ima do the same
  20. i have to resort to sims3 and minecraft xbox edidtion
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