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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JackBiggin, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. In the event of any of our servers crashing, or having extreme, long-lasting lag (meaning it's unbearable, and has been going on for more than a few minutes), please post full info on the problem on this thread. Please include the server (if the problem is affecting all servers, include ALL, if the problem is affecting the networking-thingy-majigy, include BUNGEE, and if you're getting an error like "Unable to connect to database server" when you try to use certain features, include the word DATABASE), exact details on what is going on, and suspected cause if possible.

    Please do not make any other threads about server problems, as they will simply be locked or deleted since they do nothing but add more spam to the forums. Also, please only post here if you genuinely think the servers are having problems, or are adding detail to an existing problem. Posting irrelevant stuff only causes us to get alerts that waste our time.

    Tip: If you're interested in knowing when the servers are having problems, click here.
  2. Smp6 please, can't connect: "default server is not available"
  3. What will we do now? The people on smp1 didn't like us asking what was going on (not that I blame them, they just want to play). The guys on on smp7 were great. But what's happened to smp6? I miss my res :(
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  4. Once a report is verified, Aikar is contacted ASAP in an attempt to bring the server back up. :)
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  5. I am having this problem also. I guess you got that Jack - but just a heads up :p
  6. Who is going to verify?
    I guess automatic monitoring and alerting would be a better idea.
    With automatic restart of the services.

    I guess that means when he wakes up ... in 2-3 hours?
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  7. I've already IM'd him - when he see's it is another matter.

    We have automatic server reboots, just they can't detect everything yet (bungeecord, etc.). "Unable to connect to default server" seems like a Bungeecord problem more than anything else to me.
  8. Ah, I hope this will bring down the amount of threads created when a server is down for some time
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  9. This has been ongoing for 7+ Hours now. SMP 6 Citizens would like thier world up too.

  10. All I can say is that I've contacted Aikar. He's the only one who can fix it, and he doesn't currently appear to be online.
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  11. I went on EMC this morning, and I just appeared on smp1. I tried again and changed server to smp6, but it didn't work. I really need to get back to my res! What's wrong with smp6? I have things I need to collect!
  12. Are you going to save everyone's res if smp6 closes down?
  13. The server itself appears to be fine, it's just that thanks to Bungee, nobody can connect.
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  14. smp6 will not close:)
    At least, the chance is very low.
    When Aikar is back he will look into it and it will most likely be fixed;)
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  15. SMP6 isn't closing down. The server's simply having technical problems with Bungee, which will be solved as soon as possible (eg: Aikar decides to be alive).
  16. Heh heh. At least you got your question answered thrice:p
  17. Smp6 is back up and running again.
  18. Sorry all. The previous auto restart depended on me being booted into my primary OS, but I've been having some problems so I was booted into Windows and it doesnt run on windows (Cause windows sucks :( )

    But I just redid the auto restart to run on the server itself (The first one was a quick bandaid until I got to this)

    Now it should reliably start.
  19. When will all the servers go back to not lagging?
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  20. Soo, I'm grinding and I go afk for 10 minutes, and I only have two mobs spawned? (This is on SMP7)
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