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Should You have to pay to talk in chat?

No Pay To Talk In chat. 16 vote(s) 80.0%
Pay To Talk in chat. 4 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Hello my name is FoghornLeghorn. I just recently started playing on this server not that long ago. I think this server is pretty awesome and I enjoy playing on this server but, this was bothering me but, You have to pay just to talk in chat I was like What. That is so stupid. Minecraft servers are suppose to be here to make new friends and and hang out with friends and to be able to communicate with others. You guys should change that. Cause I am NOT paying 5$ every month just to talk in chat to others. I'm sorry but that is just stupid. I'm just expressing my opinion. (Freedom Of Speech)
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  2. You only have to pay to use town chat in the wild and supporter chat. All other chat stuff is free. :)
  3. I just tried to talk in chat freely and it said you have to be supporter to talk. Cause I wanted to say hi to the others and said that. I'm sorry that still doesn't make sense.
  4. Are you in the wilderness when you attempt it? You must be in the town world to try.
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  5. I'm still a little confused I Figure it all out when i get back online later. But still you should be able to talk any where freely.
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  6. Hey! I'll give you a more detailed explanation, let me know if you're still confused.
    We have several worlds on EMC. The town world, the frontier world, the wastelands world... Each world has its own purpose.

    The town world is where all the plots are. As you don't have a plot yet, I can assume you started in the frontier. In the frontier, there are no plots and there aren't as many people living there as there are in the town world. In there (frontier), chat is limited to local chat (/chat local), however supporters can use town chat (/chat town) from there.

    If you want to use town chat and possibly claim your own plot, which is also free, you have to come back to the town world. You can do that by finding a protected area in the frontier, which should be where you started (according to your sessions logs, you are about 1000 blocks away from the protected area). If you can't find that area, we have a live map (/map), which shows your current location as well as the protected areas.

    Once you find a protected area and get there, all you have to do is type /town. You will be teleported to that server's town world, in which you can use town chat :)
    I also recommend, once you get there, getting a plot. That can be done by typing /visit open, to visit a vacant lot, then /claim. That should give you ownership of the land.

    Let me know if you have any more questions! We also have a wiki:
  7. I doubt there will ever be a change to the global supporter chat, the only donater perk that will have to change is the extra money. (Becuase of the EULA)
  8. To further clarify, when you're in town you can chat in town freely, when you're in the frontier you can chat in the frontier freely. It's only the "chat in town while in the frontier" part that is restricted. (I'd also prefer this to be free.)

    If you can't chat in town while standing in town, then yeah something is broken. :)

    I think it's like this
    "/chat town" to switch to town chat.
    "/chat res" to chat with people on your residence.
    "/chat local" to chat with people in your area.
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  9. This feature isn't that old either. For years, nobody could use town chat in Wastelands and Frontier. It's probably like that to prevent town chat from totally cluttering up with things that often don't have to do anything with things happening in Town.
    You can of course still use /tell, and Group chat also works, I think.
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  10. Additionally, even if you're out in the Wild, you can invite people to a group, and can talk freely in there. Group chat goes to every player in the group, no matter what world they are in.

    Edit: I was ninja'd by 607 with my slow wifi, but ya know, groups n stuff.
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  11. At one point only staff could use town chat when not in town. The supporter perk is pretty recent.
  12. Here's something to make things easier

    There are 7 types of chats.
    >Town Chat (Only available in TOWN) [Everyone];

    >Economy Chat (Only available in TOWN) [Everyone];

    >Residence Chat (Available in ANY Residence) [Everyone];

    >Local Chat (Available Anywhere) [Everyone];

    >Group Chat (Available For ANY Group) [Everyone];

    >Supporter Chat (Available Anywhere) [Supporters ONLY];

    >Private Chat (Available Anywhere) [Everyone].

    Now that we got that out of the way... Remember that if you are in the Frontier/Wasteland you CAN'T use TOWN related CHAT in there, because it's only for people who are in TOWN. IF you are a supporter THEN you CAN use the TOWN CHAT anywhere.

    So you CAN use the chat. And NO, you DON'T have to pay. You just CAN'T use it when you are OUTSIDE of town... Unless you become a supporter that is.

    Anyways I hope this helps! ^-^
  13. This feature change was made so that Supporters who live almost exclusively in the Frontier or for some odd reason the Wastelands would have the ability to do something others could not. This is not to limit chat to only paying players. As described above, it works the way it works to give our Supporters something extra for their IRL money.

    This feature is to comply with the post-EULA enforcement while still providing a paid perk that does not give advantage over traditional players. Groups (Empires) are how you get the all-world chat as a free player.
    Town Chat from all worlds was previously a Staff Only Power. Like many Supporter perks, it was once a Staff Only Power. Nothing game breaking or OP is ever given to our supporters. Locking TNT behind a $20/month pay wall was to alleviate GRIEFING and the occasional INTENTIONAL LAG SPIKE not a ploy for making money. Most of our Diamond Supporters never even utilized their TNT privileges. Those who abused it learned that IRL money does NOT give you BAN protection. When I was a Staff Member in the past, I personally banned approximately 30 total Supporters for breaking our BAN-ABLE offenses, including TNT abuse.
    In fact, our once Gold/Diamond Supporter server Utopia has been opened to ALL players, though with a 5 player cap that can be bypassed when a Supporter so that they never get locked out of their playground.

    These are the rules, highly modified from the pre-EULA enforcement to comply with Mojang's and Microsoft's fair use policy. If you need a history lesson in PROFITEERING servers, do some Google searching for Minecraft Servers that DIDN'T Survive the post-EULA enforcement age. -- None of them were original or noteworthy and so they closed up shop. Many, many parents lost THOUSANDS of IRL money to servers where their children were using their parent's bank cards, bank accounts, paypal accounts, etc. to play on FOR-PROFIT servers. These bad-eggs would make players buy Diamond Swords for $100. They charged THOUSANDS for Chat privileges, build privileges, un-ban packages, God Mode, etc. all to rob the young and the gullible. Some even charged monthly to be allowed to mine certain blocks and then another high fee to build with said blocks on their tiny plot they also paid monthly for.

    Private Minecraft servers, such as EMC, are still thriving because they never preyed on their users to squeeze every penny out of them. They have wonderful communities with professional staff and respectable players who make new comers feel welcome and appreciated. In turn, those with the financial means continue to support these servers so that the community will continue to thrive. If no money comes in, places such as EMC would have to shrink down to a tiny server and so the community would fully disband and the place would be a fond memory for those of who have built a whole life within their forums and their servers.

    I personally don't play Minecraft much at all anymore. However, I still return to the EMC community because I love this place. I still study Minecraft every time a single morsel of information is released because Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon. The very fact the Minecraft exists has opened the world of video games up to a marginalized community of women and children who have been pushed aside by the male-dominated marketing strategies of yesteryear.

    My 9-year-old daughter loves video games because of Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Mario, Harvest Moon, Farm Story, The Sims, and many more titles that don't pigeon hole her into a singular gender role with machismo at the forefront. Most of the video games I play, I enjoy because though I am a Male, I can take on the role of a Female character and view the world through the mindset of a woman (within the boundaries of the game world.) I refuse to play things such as Fallout 4 which though it has a female character option, is still better suited for playing as a male. To be female in such a game is to be spoken to as unimportant, undeserving and treated as incapable of performing tasks other than existing for the sexual pleasure of the male characters that make up the world.

    Having served in the Army and being injured in combat, I want nothing to do with war games. I prefer the peace and tranquility of games without combat. Banished fills my need to be a medieval city planner and society ruler with no specific gender role. I love Harvest Moon and Farm Story because the only combat I see in them is when I attack the stupid stray dog who loves to harass my animals at night. The Sims allows me to be anyone I want to be, to build a family, a town or a city all from my own imagination. I can create my enemies in game, drown them or burn them alive in a doorless, windowless building instead of acting on my anger in real life. This is very therapeutic for me as well as for many, many other individuals. This is also the same reason why Grand Theft Auto is so popular. If you don't like hookers, you don't have to approach them. If you hate them, kill all of them you want. You can drive, following all traffic laws or treat it like the old Burnout games and try to destroy all the cars you can.

    Not sure where I got lost in all of this but here is my personal take on video games as a whole, apparently...
  14. As yourself and others have stated, only supporters can chat globally. If you don't wish to pay $5/mo for that privilege, you have the option of purchasing a Supporter Voucher from another player. The players list the price for these items, but the average is around 100,000r for an Iron Supporter Voucher.

    So if you have some extra rupees (making a few automatic mob farms can get you this money in only a few nights of AFK'ing if you're lucky) and want access to global chat, buying a supporter voucher is the way to go.

    And one more thing...
    Freedom of speech does not apply on EMC. Of course you have the right to express your opinion; that's one of the things that makes EMC great. However, you don't have that right just because of 'freedom of speech'.
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  15. I don't think anything in particular you said was against the rules, but as Penguin alluded to, freedom of speech is a constitutional right held up in the US politically and not socially. You can have any rules you want within a social group or any place you own and the owners of those can decide what they want.

    Try walking into a church and start yelling curse words, you will get kicked out real quick and saying you have "freedom of speech" won't get you anywhere. You have freedom of speech regarding speaking out about politics and any others are free only to be limited by the house rules you're under. In this case, you agreed to be bound to EMC's ToS (terms of service) when you signed up and thus you can be punished for abusing speech in a way that violates our rules.

    Like I said though, you didn't violate anything thus far, I'm just saying that freedom of speech does not cross into this line :)
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  16. I've had supporter for a while and when your supporter, you honestly don't use supporter chat much. The reason for this is the majority of EMC isn't supporters plus town chat includes everyone :)

    It is nice to talk in town chat from wasteland and frontier though. That is a plus of being supporter.
  17. Apart from what everyone else said, we used to have Global Chat for everyone. It was full of "PLEASE HELP ME IM LOST!" 24-7. Global Chat for everyone sucked because of this.
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  18. This issue does raise a question though: is it really wise to include the Frontier as an immediate exit from the tutorial? I know the signs and all say that it is advised to start in town, but yeah...

    I've noticed it more often that players end the tutorial in the Frontier. They don't get to see any welcomes from town chat and it means that the game is pretty much quiet for them. It wouldn't be the first time where I spotted someone who merely wandered around in the Frontier a bit and then left the server again. It's why I sporadically also PM those players and I get the impression that in most cases people simply don't have a clue that there's much more to EMC out there.

    It might be more beneficial to let everyone start in town after which they can always move on if they want to.
  19. While i can see the point of it looking desolate, it does help reduce giving a residence to someone who doesn't want to play in Town.

    And no... were not going to spam Frontier players with "please unclaim your residence" as theirs no way to cleanly target that.
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  20. It is not confusing, and you got it completely right.

    Once you leave town to any wilderness (frontier, wastelands, nether), and you are not a supporter, you are not able to participate in town or economy chat anymore. If you decide to live in the wilderness instead of the prefixed town plot it deprives you from most of the community.

    Very sharp of you and I appreciate your comment.

    For if you are bugged by town chat in the wilderness, there exists /c hide t. To make it a supporter perk, hampers most and all wilderness communities.

    I will be putting up a thread following on this and other difficulties for wilderness communities soon. FoghornLeghorn provided a very good point here.