Senior staff service: Res relocation to any SMP server

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  1. Your friends have a corner of SMP4 town where they build together but your res is on smp6. To move to the same server as your friends you would need to sacrifice all your hard work on your res.

    Good news, senior staff services has been tweaked by Aikar and we are now able to move reses between servers. The cost for whole res relocations to a new server is 150,000r. While we cannot copy Utopian reses to SMP servers we can copy a SMP res onto Utopia. Please note that some items are server specific and are very likely to be broke on a new server (promo flags and maps at present). The restriction to whole res relocations within the same server also apply here too.
    • Residence Teleport System signs will need to be replaced
    • Redstone/railtrack/flowing water or lava will copy but might be going in wrong direction.
    • Item frames/paintings may not copy at all or copy without contents/wrong image.
    • Entities on res will be copied but will lose any additional data (all villagers become standard villager, Sheep lose colour, horses stats and colour are reset)
    • To avoid duplication issues players will not have access to their res during the process.
    • Currently not allowing moving res between accounts.
    I would also suggest that anything of sentimental value is stored in your vault.
  2. cool :D
    EDIT: oh wow first
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  3. Whoop!
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  4. so you mean that i can't move my alts res to one of my reses?
  5. Not at this time.
  6. Do residence relocations on the same server still cost 100k?
  7. 100k on SMP, 200k on utopia.
  8. Yes! Was hoping this would be possible someday! :D
  9. Thank you! :D
  10. Nice service :)
  11. So does this also unclaimed the old res and claim a new one? Is that possible as well?
  12. This sounds interesting, although I have no use for it...
  13. Can we move same res on the same server to another res for this?
  14. So, even if I claim 4 residences all in a square, a Utopia res still couldn't be moved? Because it would be REALLY nice to not have to rebuild my track :(
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