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  1. NEW THREAD: emc.gs/t/56496/
    [Redacted by MagisterDelirus for simplicity] These prices will stay as a log. This thread will no longer be updated

    44x Vault Voucher - 15,000r
    5x Stable Voucher - 7,500r

    1x Blue Krysyy - 200,000r
    1x Aikar - 100,000r
    1x Orange Krysyy - 1,000,000r
    4x Maxarian Head - 100,000r
    2x chickeneer - 260,000r
    1x RainbowChin - 350,000r
    3x ElfinPineapple0 - 12,000r
    1x crystaldragon13 - 12,000r
    1x Seffychan - 12,000r
    0x JackBiggin - 12,000r

    3x Turkey Slicers (Turkey Drop) - 60,000r
    1x Turkey Slicer (2013) - 80,000r
    0x Lucky Bow - 40,000r
    3x Cupid's Bow - 20,000r
    5x Ham Hacker - 80,000r
    1x Emergency Snow Clearing Device - 50,000r
    1x Feather Fallllling Boots - 350,000r

    1x Haunted Head - 50,000r
    3x Dancer - 80,000r
    0x Cupid Pig - 10,000r
    2x I-Day Firework (2015) - 20,000r
    2x EMC Firework New Years (2014) - 25,000r
    1x I-Day Firework (2013) - 40,000r
    1x EMC Firework New Years (2013) - 50,000r
    3x Pi Pie - 25,000r
    1x Birthday Cake (2015) - 30,000r
    1x Remembrance Poppy - 40,000r
    2x Magical Eggcellent Wand - 30,000r

    92x Cooked Turkey - 2,000r
    1x Taste The Freedom - 2,000r
    4x Feast for a King - 30,000r
    1x Love Potion N0.9 - 50,000r
    1x Second Chance Book - 30,000r
    0x Super Dragon Poop! - 60,000r

    1x Cupid Pig for 10,000r by DubChef
    1x Aikar Head for 90,000r by LtCaptainMe
    2x Lucky Bow for 32,500r by DubChef
    1x Super Dragon Poop! for 60,000r by ObscureGolem at the PlayerShop
    2x Super Dragon Poop! for 50,000r by crafter31211
    1x crystaldragon13 for 12,000r by EvKem
    1x Seffychan for 12,000r by EvKem
    1x JackBiggin for 12,000r by EvKem
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  2. I'll take the cupid egg please!
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  3. Paid for, and mailed =)
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  4. Would you consider trades?
  5. Trades are not something I'll be doing
  6. Ok would prices be open for negotiations?
  7. Yes
  8. Bump; Keep in mind if you see something you want but think it's not a good price you can always PM me about it =)
  9. I would like the heads of Crystaldragon13, a SeffyChan head, and a JackBiggin head. Will pay in the morning at a total of 36,000r.
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  10. All 3 are set aside for you, once I receive payment they shall be /mail'd =)
  11. Paid and recieved, nice and simple, no complications, and real fast!
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  12. haunted heads are like 25k btw just to let you know
  13. That's a bit too low, especially given that this is a 2013 version if you clicked the Wiki link =P. If someone is interested they may PM me about it so we can meet a fair price for the both of us
  14. 30k ish them
  15. Closing thread to start a new one that will work around the 10,000 character limit
    EDIT: Link to new thread; emc.gs/t/56496/
  16. Closed at the request of the initial poster.
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