[Selling] Promos & Heads v2.0

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  1. Created this new thread for ease of access to each section with links in the OP, and it allows me to bypass the 10,000 character limit if/when needed =P.

    I have quite a bit of excess and I don't plan on using 'em, ever. So I thought I'd might as well sell 'em to the community! Please state all of your purchases on this thread before finding me in-game to request for it. You may also reserve an item for a maximum of 1 week and discuss all prices with me via PM =)
    Text that can be given a link will be able to be clicked and link you to it, most will not show in link color for consistency reason. Just scroll over everything =)

    Some of the listed stocks may not be accurate at the time of reading

    - If you're interested in buying an item, please check the Reserved Items before messaging me about purchasing it!
    - All items have a link so you can gather further information on it!
    - All prices are open for negotiation in a PM!
    - Loans & trades will not be accepted, these items are trying to be sold!

    Can be purchased at; /v 17958@shop
    Will be /mail'd upon purchase

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  2. Removed Purchased section, hard to effectively keep track of all purchased items
  3. Can I buy the love potion please? I will pay tomorrow if i get the chance but I may have to wait until the weekend. Just mail it when you recieve the payment, i'll add an extra 50r for mailing costs if needed :)
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  4. Added into the reserved section =)
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  5. You can buy cult vouchers for 10k on with a command can't you?

    Sorry if I'm wrong
  6. Not sure what a cult voucher is... :p

    Vaults can be expanded for 10k, but theres a limit on how many vaults you can purchase via /vault expand. Vault vouchers can be used to go over that limit.
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  7. I've received payment and the Love Potion No.9 has been /mail'd to you, Petero =)
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  8. I would like the SeffyChan head :D will pay as soon as I log on, (I'm on mobile right now.)
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  9. Sure thing =)
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  10. It comes with kool-aid, a bed and a table cloth.
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  11. Paid for, and mailed the Seffychan Head to DeathPunchKitty
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  12. Paid for, and mailed the Orange Krysyy Head to Beacon171
  13. So I'm guessing the Maxarian Head is the renamed/lored one?
  14. Can I please buy the crystal dragon head please :)
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