Selling Flags

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Do you like this idea?

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No 25 vote(s) 58.1%
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  1. Why can`t we sell flags in town? We could make business`s on villager trading! So why do the rules prohibit it?
  2. Triple post?
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  3. ^This?
  4. He has three of these threads. I think this is the original.
  5. I don`t have 3! I made 1 by mistake, that`s all.
  6. They got deleted. You had two after this one.
  7. Anyways, back to topic.
  8. Though I've never seen myself the rules prohibiting it.. It's just shouldn't give away the big flags, like build, or container publicly. I imagine you could sell villager flags.
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  9. Death tomb said It`s cuz o` scamming, but auctions go on.
    Scamming always happens, regardless of this, I think this debate could go on forever, so lets leave it up to the voters.
  10. You can indirectly sell flags.
    Player gives you rupees
    You give flags.
  11. I`m not talkin` big flags anyway, I`m talkin` trade, shear etc.
  12. They don`t allow it.
  13. What rule does not allow it?
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  14. I asked some mods, including deathtomb, he doesn`t allow it. Thats all I know. Vote if ya like it.
  15. The point of scamming was a very relevant one.
    Yes, scamming always goes on, but when it happens in auction, it can be dealt with nicely by staff, due to rupee logs etc. When it happens around res flags, it, like other res flag issues are very tricky to deal with and there's usually very little the staff can do to be honest.
    It's just to protect the players overall.
  16. ive never seen a written rule regarding it. its just not encouraged as far as i know
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  17. Ask Deathtomb8953, or any other mod. Anyways, the point of the thread is mainly for votes for or against. (Hence the Voting goes on till 2018) Debate is encouraged, but not speculation. Did ya` get all o` that?
  18. I think this would be allowed, but staff would not do anything for you when there goes something wrong, so it is not encouraged.
  19. Deathtomb says it aint allowed. I would be sellin` em cheap anyways so there u r.