Sefl's Offical Stream Thread v2.0

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Mob that is the most fun to battle

Dragon 7 vote(s) 33.3%
Wither 12 vote(s) 57.1%
Creeper aw man 10 vote(s) 47.6%
Elder Gaurdian 5 vote(s) 23.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Sefl's Offical Stream Thread v2.0

    4:00 PM EST
    Resource Gathering Stream :rolleyes:

    Gonna try and Gather Some Diamonds to Craft Netherite Upgrades

  2. August 31, 2021

    Waste Exploration Before the Reset!
    Join me at 5:30 PM EST (EMC TIME)
    We will be exploring the waste to see what kind of fun stuff we can find!
    Meet up on smp8!
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  3. Wish I could have made it but I’m busy in a weekly Tuesday evening meeting. Hope you all find some cool stuff.
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  4. Turtle Tokens Available for this Sunday's Stream at /v +sefl on /utopia! Mail them in for fun rewards or save them for future stuff! More info in lecterns at the res!
  5. Going LIVE - Random Wednesday Stream... Gonna have Parkour + PvP and Trivia if enough people show up! at 3:30 PM EST (EMC TIME)
  6. Sunday's stream is tomorrow! Get your turtle tokens mailed in or bought today!
  7. Will be LIVE - Today at 1 PM EST EMC Time! Hope to see you guys there!
  8. Depending on how I feel when I wake up Sunday 2 pm Stream for Auctions!
    I've got a Funeral Tomorrow (Saturday) So please bare with me if my emotions aren't under total control on Sunday and I don't stream. :oops:
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  9. Totally understandable Sefl if you need time take the time off if need be.
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  11. I'm able to stream on a Monday! Come hang out at 11 AM EST (EMC Time)

    Gonna be dragon fighting on smp3!
  12. Going LIVE a bit earlier on - - Difficulty 10 Death Event! YOU WILL DIE!
    Don't bring anything you will miss, theres free iron gear at the spawn where we'll be at!

    Starts a 11:45 AM EMC TIME!
  13. Are you ready kids!? 1 PM Auction at 18398 on smp9! 24 Lots to be auctioned off! :eek:
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  14. Certified bump moment
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  15. Auctions and Wither Boss battles tomorrow! Get ready :eek:
  16. 2 PM! Time has been announced ! Get your rupees and gear ready for today!
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  17. Yooooo 11 AM Sunday gonna have wither boss battles! SMP TBA!
  18. Who's ready for 11 AM Tomorrow! I know I am! WITHER BOSS BATTLES :eek:
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