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  1. When did that happen?
  2. Yesterday.
  3. Well that sucks your anti virus soft ware is messed up. what anti virus soft ware do you use?
  4. Malwarebytes.
  5. You may have a virus.
  6. I doubt it. I've checked multiple antivirus programs for viruses.
  7. Well it is definitely malicious. It completely destroyed the very tiny bit of what I had considered a social life XD
  8. Malwarebytes pushed out an update last week that blocks the server that EMC is hosted off, So any other server that you try and connect that uses the same host, is blocked as well. You will have to go in your settings and disable it, or let your firewall accept EMC. The same program used to have blocked for a year, lol. Not the best Virus Program, May i suggest Bit Defender?
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  9. I think this might require some action on the part of EMC, this is the second time I ran into this issue. I don't know from mind how well known and used Malwarebytes is (I don't use it myself) but doesn't hurt to do a little research, which I plan on doing in a few moments.

    If I do find out they've blocked EMC then I'll take it up straight to Aikar, we'll see.
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  11. I get this too with Malwarebytes. It's a good program and don't worry, it's not saying EMC is malicious. You were on the live maps, right? It shows up for me too there. Pop-up ads and malware can come through the map, so it will tell you that.

    If that's not the case, sorry, I don't know. Hope this helped tho :)

    EDIT: Wait, were you on the maps? Or were you on the site itself? If it's the site itself, that's a whole nother ball game. Don't know why they would block us :confused:
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  12. I was on waiting to get redirected to
  13. Hey you could be going under a DDoS attack
  14. Well crud, then I don't know. It seems they HAVE falsely blocked EMC. All we can do is wait and see if Shell's appeal works.
  15. Well, my adblocker plus said it blocked 7 from this page alone

    8 after i refreshed it.


    Just because it's a name that you're used to and trust, doesn't mean you can't get a virus through it.
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  16. Status update: Malwarebytes denies blocking the EMC website, as can be seen using the URL which I shared above.

    Not sure what to think of this, but it strikes me as a bit peculiar.
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  17. News: you have a virus.
  18. No. That isn't the reason. If EMC was in a DDoS attack the server would be down not blocked.
    News is that you need to see what is actually happening. What is going wrong here is that Malwarebytes, a virus and protection software, has blocked EMC's website as a site of high risk. It has nothing to deal with a virus.
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  19. Nah, before I made that request I tested this out for myself. This has nothing to do with virusses, but Malwarebyte itself acting up. It's kinda peculiar that when I use it normally (while using the premium trial period) it stops me from accessing the website, but if I add the EMC IP address to the whitelist section then everything is normal.

    I'm tempted to write a mini guide to comment how people can fix this and while also recommending them not to use this software, but I think I'd better leave that decision up to the staff.
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