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  1. Not sure if they are bothering with the request. I mean it was a short answer, "No we are not blocking either of those". Truly that moderator didn't look into it further.
  2. Ahh! I could not view the image, due to the device I am using to access this website. However (Based on the comments), I had the same problem last year. It was one of the most annoying things ever. I could not click the map at all because invisible adds covered the entire page.
    On a side note, are you using windows?
  3. Yah, I agree. I'm tempted to start an argument myself but first I'm asking staff about this. After all; it is their website and I don't want to do things which they might not agree with.

    The XML logfiles which this software generates show that its definitely blocking stuff.
  4. Do either of you have any idea what's happening or what you're talking about? xD

    OT - Shell, I am positive that the moderator basically ignored you and didn't even check. Even the length of the reply gives it off. Maybe try giving them the IP of directly instead of I assume the redirect address has a different IP so they might not be blocking but rather everything it redirects to. I can't check the other IPs because I'm at school but that's the only other thing I can think of besides that they didn't even care.
  5. Same.

    I thought so to, but if that is the case then it seems odd to me that the website can be fully accessed once I added to the 'whitelist' section.

    But anyway, before I start throwing a little weight around I want to make sure that staff agrees with those actions. I already PM'd Aikar & Krysyy about it and once I hear from them I may or may not pick up on this.

    Its simple really: all I have to do is share the logfile which this software generates; it clearly shows that action has been taken.
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  6. D: I have that program on my pc too. Does that mean I can't get on?
  7. I might know what's wrong. One or multiple of the add suppliers gives ads that malwarebytes and some other programs think is not right.
  8. I don't know if you noticed but he disabled the link by changing the http:// to a hxxp://
    I just wanted to share some insight that it was edited by the moderator who weighted in on your topic.
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  9. Well, you're posting here so... ;)

    Basically: they have 2 versions: premium for which you need to pay and the freeware version. The Premium version does real time scanning and that will currently block the EMC website. The freeware version does not scan in real time so that will not hinder you with this.
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  10. A user alerted me to this on Friday and I reached out to Malware Bytes support I believe Saturday. I still haven't heard anything from them...

    Hopefully they will respond soon since it is a business day now.
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  11. O I thought it blocked the server???
  12. Just add emc to your list. Obviously malwarebytes doesnt like an ad hosted somewhere. Dont click ads and add emc to your personal whitelist.
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  14. I guess this really shows to show you the quality of this particular product. In my strictly personal, though biased, opinion of course. But this is the first time I've seen a scanner pull a stunt like this. Its... bizarre to say the least.
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  15. But it's free!

    ...for a month...