[REVEALED] RainbowChin likes seeing people twerk

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PriceMeme, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Lol he was CLEARLY looking...(he doesn't like embarassment so he looks at ceiling but he WAS looking at the butt)
  2. Well then.
    I always thought he was hiding something :eek:
  3. I....I can explain :eek:
  4. Im sure you can..
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  5. We're waiting....
  6. me in back ground thinking omg
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  7. I was there too.. Just not.. there. I was wondering if Ocelot left his sanity in the freezer after attempting to heat up some ice cream left in there.
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  8. I'm intrigued, please, go ahead :p
  9. Well, you know, I went to spawn and there he was, twerking...
    *looks away*
  10. I was there. I know what I saw, don't try and hide it. You came in after hearing ocelot was twerking at /town.
  11. well... getting awkward in here isn't it...
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  12. Doesn't have to be. You made it awkward, you started this whole thread. ._.
  13. Things like this make me question the EMC staff's sanity...
  14. Perhaps being insane is all a part of the Application :p
  15. So... How does one enter an insane asylum?
  16. RainbowChin was watching Ocelotawesome twerk because cats don't usually twerk, so it was a sight to see.
  17. That is why I've never entered an application to be staff, I'm not that far gone yet. :rolleyes:
  18. :eek: OMG :eek: wut the crap lol
  19. What if EMC is the insane asylum...
  20. Oh, you think it was a sight to see!