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  1. I'm having a problem with chat. Any time that I try to add something to chat it says, "The player [PlayerName] is currently offline." "/chat" by itself says that [PlayerName] is my current focus. How can I remove this focus so everyone can see my messages? There's nothing in the Chat Command wiki that I can find that does this.
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  2. That just means that you are still in a PM with someone. You should be able to do /cc to switch to community chat and leave the PM.
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  3. That worked! Thx.

    Now, where can I find that in the wiki?
  4. Glad to hear that! It's the very first command on the page you linked. :)
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  5. Are you talking about /c[ChannelFirstLetter]? If that's the case, then it is not obvious. Doesn't say anywhere about that command cancelling focused messaging.
  6. Heyo! I think I can add a bit of context here to help out.

    Think of a private chat as another "channel" that you are joining between you and another person. So, when you start a private chat, you are "leaving" the global chat. But if you want to talk in global chat, you can do "/cc" to switch back to it, same as if you are switching between other channels (/cr, /cl).

    Private chats, while they are channels, have a different command though because you are sort of creating a new one with only one other person. So, they have a different command to them.

    Hopefully this helps!
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  7. Ah. I see now. I wish it was clearer in the wiki (which, ATM, not at all). It would be even better if there was such a command as /chat clear focus (abbreviated to /ccf) or /chat clear [PlayerName] (abbreviated to /cc[PlayerName]). (Those were suggestions, BTW.)
  8. It's clear to me! But I'm sure that suggestions to improve the wording would be welcome. :)
    I don't like your suggestion, personally. If /chat clear would take the community channel as the default, then there would be no difference with /chat c. If starting a pm would save your previous channel, and /chat clear would restore it, this might lead to confusing situations, if you forgot what channel you were in before, and as such a notification might be required. If the default was configurable, it would be another very rarely used /ps setting.
    And to be frank, I don't see any use in the command either. :p It is a lot simpler to just switch to the channel you want to be talking to.
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  9. Let me explain my position a little bit. I have a mental disability called Asperger Syndrome. It is mostly a social disability, but there's other symptoms which include being literal. It is because of my literalness that I make the suggestion that the command, at a minimum, be clearer. /cc cannot be found in the chat wiki (used CTRL F to search for /cc). Using the wiki search engine only brings up items in the forums, not the wiki (at least for me).

    Also, [Channel] is not well defined either. It took me about an hour or so to figure out that channel also means server.
  10. Hi Astro!

    I understand the confusion you're having. The Wiki does a good job at listing the commands and explaining what each command does individually. I think what you're asking is that some "context" is added in the Wiki to better explain the chat system overall, so that you don't have to put the pieces together by reading how each individual command works.

    And you are correct - /cc isn't listed on the Wiki, but that's on purpose. Let's see if I can provide some additional information to help.

    /chat community : This command sets your "channel" to Community chat. This is the long version of the command, though. The command can be shortened to /ch or /c. In addition, the "channel" can be shortened as well to just use "c". This means that any of the following commands work and do the exact same thing:
    • /chat community
    • /chat c
    • /ch community
    • /ch c
    • /c community
    • /c c
    Because the command "/c c" exists, there was a request that we could use the same command but remove the space, which gives the shortest command "/cc."

    The Wiki doesn't list all of these out, because if it did it would be suuuuper long. Rather, the wiki tries to explain each command and provide another information to put the pieces together.
    So Astro, in your opinion, would it be helpful if the Wiki maybe included an "Examples" section that walked through commands like I did above?

    By the way, we loooove input at EMC - we always like when players give us feedback, because things can always be improved! That Wiki page has been around for years, but has been changed a lot. I'm sure our Wiki team would love the feedback if it means things are easier to understand for other players in the future. So thank you for bring this up!
  11. Examples would be nice. However, almost all the listed commands I can understand as is (with the exception of no definition for [Channel]). The word "Community" is not defined anywhere as being a [Channel]. Also, since, [PlayerName] and [Channel] were separately explained, it also did not occur to me that [PlayerName] could also be a [Channel].

    The most confusing issue is that the word "focus" is not defined anywhere. And I was looking for a command to relating to focus specifically, not community, since in my mind, focus and community are two different words with their own dictionary definitions when Googled.
  12. Hey Astro! The New Player Guide that accompanies the tutorial has a section about chat. I am curious if the brief explanation there would be easier for you to understand.

    You can find the page here:

    It starts off by saying
    It then gives a list of all channels, as well as a short description of what they are used for. The command to private message someone is found in the same section of the guide. [Channel] in the command would be replaced with the name of the channel that you want your chat to be in, or rather, the channel that your focus is set to.

    Focus and community are indeed different words. In this case, your chat channel focus can be set to "community" or any other available channel. Your chat is then directed to the channel you are focused on.


    As for the page that you linked in your original post, the description of the first command contains a link to the chat page, which gives a description of the different chat channels. Would it be clearer if it said something such as this?:
    I hope that this helps clarify a bit.
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