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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hoops_McCann, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, is the rainbow banner being displayed at the top of the page a not-so-subtle display of solidarity with the U.S. Supreme Court 5-4 decision in favor of gay marriage today?
  2. I believe so :)
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  3. EMC are masters at subtle. Yes.
  4. Like every other website on the internet =P Just couldn't work on site while at work.

    Was a reminder when I got home when greeted by this:

  5. I know it has long been the policy of this site to closely monitor and shut down discussion threads which deal with controversial subject such as politics and religion.

    Is it really appropriate then for staff to be openly declaring allegiance on what remains a very hot button topic for a lot of people?
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  6. Yes.
  7. We allow controversial topics all the time as long as they remain peaceful and on topic.
  8. also note: The rainbow speaks for my views as the owner of Empire Minecraft. Every staff has their own views and are free to publicly state them (Even krysyy and I disagree on many things :p)

    I don't personally want to debate things though. Just showing my appreciation for todays events.
  9. Well then, Jack & Aikar, you run the risk of losing a number of paying members. EMC is supposed to be about playing Minecraft, not making political statements.

    It's not my site so do as you wish. Just something to think about.
  10. Well it's nice to see that even the EMC supports Marriage!!
  11. Thank you Jack and Aikar! I don't think this is inappropriate at all. Threads are shut down because people go in and use them as a way to start drama and spread hate. This is kind of the opposite of that.

    Why should we not, as a community, celebrate tolerance and equality?
  12. I sincerely hope people do not make decisions to support EMC based on my political beliefs... my political belief hasn't changed, it's always been this, and could of easily been found by looking me up on social media sites.

    Many major businesses support gay marriage, so if you're going to boycott any business that does, then that would leave you in quite a tough place in life.

    I am not worried a single bit over extremist to that level over supporterships.
  13. It's not just about marriage, it's about equality, and EMC has always been about equality.
    It's in our rules that you can not discriminate against others :)
  14. It's obviously supporting Skittles! Which offends me very much! I will NOT taste the rainbow thank you very much! JK on a serious note, meh.
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  15. They wouldn't make such a decision based upon your beliefs, Aikar. They would make the decision based upon the imposition of your beliefs via unavoidable displays such as the rainbow banner with its equally conspicuous political connotations.

    Personally, I am not at all put out by the court's decision today. I am concerned that the owner of a website I have spent money on and have come to really enjoy would engage in activities which could damage its viability. But again, that's your business.
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  16. Don't worry, this won't be the thing that takes down EMC, only a big hurricane that wipes out the servers can do that :)
  17. America is a free country so people can support whatever they like... I don't see where you're going with this. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that anybody would consider donating for a specific community because they support a specific topic unless they are ignorant.. That's like saying that you're going to hate somebody for liking/disliking a certain topic, yet other than that, your interests are the same.. So as far as I can tell, your point is invalid
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  18. When I see a rainbow, I think of sun light refracted through water vapor in the atmosphere causing a prism effect splitting the white light into it's component wavelengths. Next I think about pots of gold, and wish there was a definite end to the rainbow and not that it's relative position depends upon my view point. Then I think about skittles. Then someone reminds me about nonsensical bigotry. Then someone openly supports said bigotry and I leave.

    If the sight of the spectrum of colors insights anger or disgust in someone and causes them to leave, We are better off without them, yes and even their money. If they are so bigoted that a simple display of a rainbow causes such a negative reaction in them I can only assume toe worst for their character in general, and saddly we aew judged a great deal by who we associate ourselves with.

    On an up note no one has mentioned traditional ma... sorry almost did it myself.
    Well bye for now off to go buy some Skittles and play cards against humanity with some friends.

    When I 1st saw the rainbow I thought that Rainbow Chan had taken over for the weekend.
  19. Tsk, tsk, tsk... that's all I have to say here. :/

    Honestly, I feel like making some kind of insult towards you to point out more bigotry and ignorance,
    but I refuse to stoop to that level~
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