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Should you be able to buy the elytra in the shop?

Yes 19 vote(s) 59.4%
No 13 vote(s) 40.6%
  1. Greetings everybody,

    Thinking about it, I wonder how the - newly soon to be added to emc - Elytra will work, as it is an overpowered item.

    Heres some concepts and issues i have with it :

    Can it be bought in the emc shop for an outstanding price of 50k+? (There is a poll on this at the top)
    Will there be an Elytra flag, so you can disable flight in your residence?
    Could the Elytra be a supporter only thing?

    Give me your take on this and if you have any ideas i would love to read them!

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. Well I give you the answer that any mods/krysyy will give "We will give an official statement once we decide what to do"
  3. Definitely no supporter only.
    I think it's best to not make any changes to the system.
    Perhaps make it purchasable for tokens, if anything.
    But I think enough will be found and there will be a market for them, be it with very expensive prices.
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  4. Apart from that , id like the publics opinion :]
  5. I feel like they'll be able to be obtained through voting. I don't see them appearing in the Empire shop. I'd like to say I don't see them coming as a supporter-only item, but I'm not putting that out of the way as a potential option.
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  6. Odds are, it won't ever be on sale. The Empire Shop only sells certain items, like not saddles and stuff.

    I can see that happening. Detects if you have elytra on your chestpiece and if you do, kicks you out or something.

  7. Elytra flag- Likely
    Elytra being sold in the shop- Possible
    Elytra only being able to be used by supporters-
    NO. WAY.
    (whities have feelings too)
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  8. ^^^^ I agree
  9. How the heck is this overpowered?
  10. Bump bc I still wanna know how the heck this is overpowered.
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  11. Elytra will probably work exactly how it does in SSP or SMP 1.9...

    Its not like it is an overpowered item, it works as intended.
  12. It's overpowered in the fact of it's advanced transportation, however if something occurs to where everyone has a chance to get one it would be so overpowered. Kind of like how if everyone is special then no one is?
  13. But there are faster ways to transport than using Elytra, and you don't lose altitude with those methods. Those methods are also easy to make.
  14. Elytra flag -> Most likely (Utopia has a fly flag, which is very similar to this, so I see no reason why they shouldn't add this)
    Elytra in shop -> Not sure (depends on how rare the staff team thinks the Elytra should be)
    Elytra supporter only -> Most likely not (because of EULA enforcement introduced in 1.9.3 and this isn't allowed)
  15. I also don't agree about the OP aspect. Sure, you get something special (flight) but it's not as if the Elytra will always take you from one place to another. In fact: in many of the current areas you'll find the Elytra pretty much useless (I'm thinking about Wasteland & Frontier). Much hills won't get you enough leverage to actually use it, in those cases a horse will probably be a much easier way of transport.

    And there are risks attached too. An Elytra can break down, and it can happen in mid-flight :D

    Oh; I highly doubt that the Elytra will be supporter only. Just check the (small) changes which are already done to the supporter system. Aikar plans on becoming fully compliant with the EULA (personally I'd argue that we're already pretty much there since most advantages are cosmetic, maybe apart from the residences) so I sincerely doubt that he'd add more "supporter only" stuff.

    Personally, my take, I think the Elytra is a bit overhyped. Its a cool thing to have, don't get me wrong, but its not as if it will always take you from point A to B :) Its very useful with cliffs and such but even then there are risks attached. I lost plenty when I accidentally landed in a lava pool (which, when looking back, was kinda funny).

    So yah... Wouldn't surprise me to see this popping up in the EMC shop someday. And I agree: it would probably be a very cool voter item. But it should be hard, so thinking in the 600 - 700 region streaks myself.
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  16. Unless Aikar changes bow to do self damage like in vanilla I also agree with this.
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  17. Off topic, but they're are quite a bit of things you wouldn't think break EULA, but do. Trust me, I've read the EULA rules with a friend. They're are some pretty ridiculous rules. ie. there is no EMail to contact Krysyy or Aikar that is easily obtainable, Minecraft is in the name of the server, extra residences, it's hilarious how many rules they're are
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  18. I've tested it and it really isn't overpowered.

    (I personally would have made it so that you can gain some height at cost of high food consumption.
    Perhaps with a special food or potion which makes flying expensive.)

    Perhaps, but as the EMC is transforming (I sincerely hope) into a (really) Non-Pay-to-Win server it will make less and less sense to spend ruppes in the /shop.

    (BTW, EMC explicitly advertises itself as non-pay-to-win since (long?) ago.)

    A good idea.

    Obviously not, as it woul be a "Pay-to-Win" feature.
  19. As said above, I think an elytra should be earned with vote bonuses.

    Supporters Only- Absolutely NOT