Quality of Life Part 2! + Survival - 1/17/16

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  1. It's that time again, and this one is a big one... This has lots of changes to overall make EMC better.
    • (was deployed yesterday but re-mentioning) By Popular Demand.... Wastelands now allows usage of Lock Signs. A big red warning will show when locking, as if the world resets, so are your items!! So please use it knowing it's TEMPORARY and your responsibility to remove your items from the Wastelands before it resets.
    • Beds are now lockable
    • Added /newplayers command to see anyone online who joined in past 30 days. Help these players get to know EMC and have a good experience!
    • MiniBosses despawn timer will reset with combat, so they will never despawn mid combat.
    • /loc now aliases to /compass so /loc outpost is same as /compass outpost, making more command combinations work.
    • Compass now automatically sets itself to the outpost you arrived at on teleporting to an outpost, or closest outpost if changing worlds (ie: nether to overworld)
    • /compass spawn now shows nearest outpost instead of the world spawn (which is irrelevant in EMC)
    • Loot announcements range increased from 16 to 48
    • Survival AI Improvements! Attacking monsters from a far away with bow's would sometimes be ignored and the monster would act like you didn't do anything because it was too far. Now, that monster will start coming after you...
    • Momentus, Enraged Creepers, Enraged Zombies no longer will follow you into water.
    • Marlix will try to avoid cramped areas, preferring more open areas for flight (but not perfect)
    • Marlix Guardian Spawn Rate DRASTICALLY slowed down
    • When a MiniBoss summons Guardians, they will now summon in random locations around you instead of directly on top of you.
    • Momentus will draw in more often for ranged attacks.
    • Monsters will no longer move into damage false areas (Outposts)
    • All Custom Mobs now announce effective difficulty on death, not just mini bosses
    • Wither Boss and Elder Guardian have joined the ranks of special EMC mobs! This means they both now have their own "intro messages" (but not sound effects, as Wither has one already)
      This means they now give tokens and bonus xp

      At difficulty 5, these monsters are purely Vanilla.
    • Wither Boss and Elder Guardian have enhanced Loot Pools at difficulty 6+, defeating Wither at higher difficulties will potentially result in more than 1 nether star.
    • Wither Boss at higher difficulty levels (6+) as learned the ability to teleport...
    • Elder Guardian at higher difficulty levels (6+) takes less damage when out of water
    • Added new /invnear (/invitenear) command. Quickly lets you invite nearby players to group, for things like FNM.
    • Upon death, Players items can no longer be picked up by other players for 8 minutes. Players on your friends list bypass the time limit and can pick your items up.

      Reminder that item despawn is 15 minutes of ACTIVE time.
  2. First! Good Job!
  3. Sounds really good!
    Great work!
    EDIT: Marlix just spawned, I might even try and fight it this time due to this update :D
  4. /newplayers doesn't seem to work fyi
  5. 5th! Gr8 New Updates ;)
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  6. fixed newplayers... I tested it, then slightly restructured it to provide feedback if theirs no new players, and didnt test after that, yet that change had broken it lol.
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  7. Its working now :D
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  8. locked chests in the waste, so much awesome
  9. Saw it was broken :p Thanks for the update! new hectic features!
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  10. Great, now it's only matter of time when peoples will spam locked chests on often used wastes walkways xD
  11. At 1k each, they can feel free to throw their money away.
  12. btw. Just killed momentus in the water after that update. Now it's even more easy cleaning them up as they seems always stuck to your sword blade. Thanks Aikar, you made it look even more easy :confused:
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  13. sounds great :D
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  14. Coolio!!
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  15. Great update Aikar! Holding events like The Big Dig will be far easier with the ability to lock chests in the waste ^_^
  16. Some great updates here, locking chests in the waste and the player items not being obtainable for 8 minutes after death are definitely both big improvements, thanks! :)
  17. This is the best update (Right next to 1.8 and name changes) since I joined, beds being locked, thank god, that will screw with griefers, and 2 new minibosses that were in-game already! Elder-guardians won't be on my agenda but withers will be ^-^
  18. Nice, Thanks Aikar! :D
  19. Great one aikar, keep it up!
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