PVPer's, please answer! --- Would a PvP chat channel be useful?

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Would a PvP chat channel be useful?

Yes - I only use town chat because there isn't one. 11 vote(s) 55.0%
No - I would still use town chat anyway. 9 vote(s) 45.0%
  1. If you use the PvP arena on SMP6, please answer this poll.

    I've created it because
    a) I didn't know about the arena when I joined and established my res on SMP6 which means...
    b) I see lots of PvP chat in the town channel. Often times it's people soliciting PvP, or talking to friends while in the arena, and even while someone has to go back to their own res for different equipment.

    To better understand what's going on, I've asked around and people have told me "Well they're supposed to use /chat r when doing PvP." But obviously people aren't. This has me wondering if there is a need for a new channel because "/chat r" isn't powerful enough, or maybe there is lack of understanding of the social expectations on this (i.e. players didn't know to use "/chat r"), or perhaps people just don't care that they're spamming the town chat with PvP talk. I certainly hope it's not the last one.

    Also! If you answer "no" please add a comment as to why you would still use town chat. I think this will help EMC staff better understand the needs of all players, and if necessary make changes to help everyone have a better experience!

    Finally, for others who comment on peoples reasons, even if you disagree with someones reasons for using town chat for PvP conversation, please keep your replies on subject, polite and based only in fact, not opinion.

    In other words, PvPer or not, please take Voltaire's stance when considering what others have to say when you disagree: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

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  2. Range is way too large. /c r is much better for use at the PvP arenas.
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  3. I think that PVP chat should be implemented for the same reasons that economy chat was implemented. Just so that everything has a place. :)
  4. i hate it when people do stuff like that! due to my time zone, i hardly ever go to pvp matches, but the same thing applies to people who count down in town chat, bid for in-game auctions in town chat, ect. ect. this is a great idea! even if this idea isn't used, i would go to pvp (if i can) just to remind people to do /c r so they aren't spamming.
  5. -1. People will still use town chat to talk. Residence is what should be used, and the arenas tell you to use /c r. So no matter what, you'll still get people talking in town chat. PvP chat will do absolutely nothing to people who don't care enough to use Residence chat.
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  6. Also, your poll is extremely biased, and, well, quite rude in my opinion. Both options make the voter appear to be careless and arrogant.

    Yes - I only use Town chat because there isn't one - Yes by itself is a fine answer, but you're categorizing all PvPers as people who don't care about local or residence chat when you say "I use town chat."

    No - I would still use Town chat anyways - Well, just no is fine, for the reasons I've already stated in my previous post, but adding the other part... well, how does it not make everyone look like assholes? You may notice people using town chat, and that's because you obviously don't spend very much time at the arenas. The majority of people do in fact use local or residence chat. Again, you're categorizing everyone into a group of lazy people who don't give a shit about anything.

    Basically, it's really rude and I found it a bit offensive.
  7. We do have it already, it's called Res Chat lol.

    I know that I can't speak for the for the dev team, but I can say with good certaintity that this will not be added, for the very reason you outlined in your post. If we added it, people just wouldn't use it to the same level that they don't use res chat right now, we'd end up in the same situation of people not using the appropriate chat channels.
  8. Yup - don't forget group chat ... if it's not just a massive free for all, most people like to pair off into groups ... if you're in a group (or not), and at pvp arena, it's best to just use /ch g or /ch r

    I mean there could be a flag that could be set to automatically make individuals' chats be set to say res chat ... ex) mob arena, firefloor, pvp arena, (or even regular reses if you're going to hold an event) ... that might could be something.
  9. Not sure how that would help. The only two options are either compelling everyone in the area to stay on that channel or switch it upon entrance and allow the option to switch back out.

    The first option is a bad idea - no explanation required. The second option's only change would be one extra channel for staff to moderate. It really would not solve the problem at hand.
  10. You're assuming that ALL PVPers will just use the Town chat and not even care, but that's entirely not true. (Edited out long angry rant) Assuming this does get added, why would people in the PVP arena use this if they didn't even use the chat channels that are already there?
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  11. I apologize for offending you. It was not my intent. In the future please start a private conversation about such concerns.
  12. No. I'm assuming nothing. I'm stating that there is a significant amount of PvP chat in town chat.

    The reason I asked those who wouldn't use it to state why is so that the EMC staff can understand why the current facilities, and the proposed one are not desired by those currently spamming town chat with PvP talk. So unless we have that answered I cannot state how it would help, or even if it would. Hence the reason for the poll.
  13. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of how to add more options. I don't understand how the first is a bad selection. Would you care to elaborate?
  14. Unfortunately this is not being used. From what I've seen it's clear that some people are running to and from the PvP arena. Therefore res chat is insufficient for those communications.
  15. I spend quite a bit of time at the PvP arenas. I assure you I've never seen people just hopping around the area around the arenas. And res chat IS being used, but you're blind to it because you don't spend any time there.
  16. Please stay polite. This was not a polite reply. If you cannot do so, please refrain from comment.
  17. I think that /c r is perfectly fine for PVP'ers. I've lived on smp6 since I joined EMC, and personally, I have never seen much talk about PVP (of course there is the occasional "who wants to PVP" and such, but not enough to bother me). However that may not be the case for everyone else. Another thing is, if the people who are using town chat in PVP are forgetting, or are too lazy to use /c r, I don't think they'll use the PVP chat either, even if it is implemented.
  18. Thanks for your insight (others have indicated this as well, and this thanks also goes out to them). Now what would be nice is if those who use town chat for PvP conversations would politely indicate why they do it. :) I believe understanding that will be of big help.
  19. The code that would be implemented, if it were to be developed, would switch everyone over to /c r and keep them there. This solves the problem of people talking pvp/mob arena in the town chat but would render those under this flag unable to answer questions in town chat, take questions regarding shop issues, chat in groups privately, etc.