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  1. I'll admit it right now, I was wrgfgrgt
    *ahem* I was wrodfgnr
    I was wrong

    1.9 PvP is horrendous (but 1.9 PvE is awesome). I'll admit it, I like fast paced fights. So, my suggestion:

    • Does not suffer damage reduction from strength meter
    • Swipe attack still exists at full strength
    • .75 seconds of cooldown instead of 1 second
    This allows the axe to still be used as a PvP weapon and the sword to be used as the main weapon. The shield is still used as its intended purpose.
    I think this is all that requires changing, unless a PvP person wants to comment.
  2. This would be awesome, as its extremely boring at this point.
  3. -1 from me.

    Everyone asked for 1.9 and they got it. This is standard now. We must accept the slow fights. No need to spam-click anymore! ;)
  4. There was another thread about adding 1.8 style arenas, but idk if it was approved or denied.
  5. lmao
    Damn straight.
    Hell yes
    Hell no
  6. It's part of the update. It would be silly to even adjust a simple vanilla aspect we all knew was coming. Just because pvp isn't easy anymore doesn't mean we should "revert" a lil bit. We have our cards and now we must play them. :p
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  7. Minecraft updates are intended and designed primarily for singleplayer. It could be argued that PvP is a server mechanic, and thus should abide by different "loyalties" to vanilla Minecraft.
  8. "Pvp isn't easy"

    That statement is wildly miscalculated.

    1.9 makes PvP easier than ever. You don't even need to be good at clicking, you can click once per 1 1/2 seconds and still be fine! That's so easy! Aiming hasn't changed at all, you just look and click and shield.

    People that like 1.9 PvP were the same people that (honestly) sucked in pre 1.9.

    Fights. Take. Forever.

    1.9 PvP is literally designed for the elderly.
  9. Nonetheless, my opinion stands. Now pvp is more of a battle than a skirmish. I can appreciate that. Doesn't matter if it takes forever because now the game requires actual skill and timing instead of mindless clicking. I won't pvp until I adjust entirely, but your commentary won't change my views. ;)
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  10. That is exactly how I felt, I thought of melee battles I have in other games and I just think "it can't be THAT bad" but it is.

    I have played a few times and it isn't fun to wait to willingly wait to hurt people.
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  11. Sollution for everyone:

    Have both a 1.8 arena and 1.9 arena.
  12. Yes! We should have an elderly arena for the 1.9 pvpers and a normal speed arena for the 1.8 pvpers.
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  14. I'm not for changes to vanilla especially such big things like this. However, 1.9 pvp is honestly the worst update ever added in minecraft in my opinion and I'd totally be up for 1.8 arenas. Let me tell you why... A week or two ago, me and another player went into the pvp arenas right after the 1.9 update. It was the first time for me so I thought it'd be fun, not like what those bad apples who dissed it said it would be like. Boyyyy, was I wrong. Me and the other player both had full Pro IV, Unb III dia armor with god weapons, shields, and a stack or so of food. At first, we killed each other like normal and all was good. Though soon we both began to realize that 1.9 regen from full food bar is a lot more than what it use to be. That coupled with the resistance with shields and god armor basically makes you invincible as long as you still have food (Comparable to being in 1.8 and eating god apples). You could literally just sit there, eat every time you get hungry, and you're fine... I kid you not, we fought for about a whole hour until I ate through my entire stack of steak and died. If you don't believe me, test it for yourself. 1.9 pvp isn't fun and no matter if it's a vanilla change or not, thee feature should be shaped so that it fits the communities' ideals. The game should be about having fun, right?

    tl;dr 1.9 pvp changes + increased regen from max food bar = invisibility = no fun = sad chickendice :(
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  15. can vouch ._.
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  16. I'm just going to be that guy that points out EMC is advertised as a non-PVP server, and that this probably won't be on the Devs to-do list for a while even IF it does go through.
  17. First and foremost: I'm not a PvP'er. But I can't help wonder:

    But isn't that also part of the tactic: not giving your opponent the time to eat and regenerate? If you attack while they're eating then you'd still do some I'd think?

    Though, otoh, I do think I may see your point. Maybe comparable to eating while having been attacked by a witch (the most ridiculous situation IMO): you're clearly poisoned, you get the hurt spasms but your healthbar, though yellow because of the poison, stays completely filled. I'm still experimenting with this a bit but it seems to me that I was wrong about witches: they haven't become stronger, they became even more easier.
  18. Mindless clicking. Did you even play pre-1.9 pvp? You won't get anywhere good with mindless clicking...
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  19. The fact that people refer to pre 1.9 pvp as "mindless clicking" is essentially the reason why they were bad at it lmao
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  20. I thought of Skyrim's combat when I first heard about it.

    Now I know what they both have in common: they both suck.
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