PSA: Yahoo Hacked in 2014

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    As we keep being reminded -- re-using passwords across sites, and then those sites getting hacked leads to chain reactions.

    If you have a Yahoo Account and still use the password you used in 2014 and before, then change it immediately on all sites its on!

    The password will soon be on the internet for anyone to see... so change it quickly.
  2. yahoooooooo! I dont use yahoo
    Edit: the first part is supposed to be their jingle.
    Also thanks for the reminder, some ppl *cough* chin need to use diff passwords
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  3. i've always hated yahoo
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  4. Ew Yahoo.
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  5. I just changed my password again for safety :p
    They hit 500 Million users damn
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  6. Although this is a good reminder that using different passwords across sites is absolutely necessary I'd still like to add one very important issue: the real dangers are those you don't get to see. Black hatters (= really nasty people who will try to infiltrate computer systems solely for their own (personal) gain & profit) keep a low profile.

    Read carefully: the data was stolen in 2014, meaning that the attackers already had 2 years time to exploit it.

    Changing passwords now is still a good idea, but if you think that your Yahoo account might have been involved here then I'm sorry to say: it could be too little too late already.
  7. So this should only affect those trapped in 1995?
  8. Tries to remember if I had a Yahoo...
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  9. >Sees 'Yahoo hacked in 2014'
    >Worries for the people who may be affected by this hack
    >Remembers the last time anyone used Yahoo was 5+ years before I was even ripped from my mother's womb
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  10. Only 90's kids would remember
  11. I actually use Yahoo and have been since 2013, but I changed my password in last year when I got my Blizzard account hacked. So the only password that is different from my other passwords is my Yahoo. Though I don't think I was affected since nothing ever happened to me.
  12. Does anyone use yahoo? Isn't yahoo for old peopl-? Wait.
    My dad does... Oh well.
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  13. Well looks like I need to change my Yahoo password, I changed every password except that one :p
  14. I have and addresses that I got when I used at&t as an internet provider. They are hosted through Yahoo. I'm assuming they would have been potentially affected also, but can't find anything to confirm it. I know there are also other domains they host, but can't find a list.

    I've used these two addresses for business since I got them in the dial-up days. You can tell people you are switching email addresses over and over and they will continue to use the wrong one. If you are using an address for business you can't just throw them away because they aren't cool any more unless you also want to cut off contact with a client.
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  15. Thanks for letting us know Aikar, it's really appreciated. :)

    Regarding this, is there maybe any way to automatically have all emails sent to those addtesses be resent to a different email address? School got me a web-outlook address, which I personally don't use, so I've set it to send all emails to my personal address, which works great. Could this maybe be a possibility for you too?
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  16. Aikar cares for the (online) safety of the players. I appreciate that :)

    Thank you Aikar for letting us know :)
  17. I never actually started completing homeworks I was given until I was 15 years old (do not recommend, teachers don't believe any excuses you give when they've never gotten a single piece of completed homework by you, and they get annoyed when you skip their detentions), by which time I was writing stuff down from memory or using Wikipedia.

    I do, however, have distinct memories of asking dumb questions on Yahoo! Answers like "I'm pregnant but I'm a dude?" when I was 11 years old on throwaway accounts just so I could see what kind of responses I'd get. Then they made it so you needed a mobile phone number to sign up/log in there and I was like 'nah' and moved onto posting dumb crap on /r/relationships.
  18. me too!!!!!!
  19. Thank goodness I have AOL.
  20. This is crazy, thanks for telling us about this. I need to change my yahoo password