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  1. Hey, first I'd like to give FDNY credits for this because I copied and pasted what he said from an old thread and this one is way more updated and will be updated atlas once a week.

    Mob Drops
    Shiny Items (Flesh and Arrow): 150 rupees each
    Haunted Candy (5 types, received through Haunted Head): 20r per piece
    Marlix Gear (4 pieces total): 80k per piece
    Momentus Toothpick: 110k
    Dragon Stone Fragment: 4k
    Dragon Stone: 36k
    Taste of Freedom Steak:2.5k per piece

    Traditional MC Rarities
    Dragon Egg: 1,500,000 Rupees
    Mod/Admin Heads: Average of 25,467r { Higher rank is +25k }
    Beacons: 18.5k
    EMC Assistants: 50 rupees

    In-Game Redeemables
    Vault Voucher: 10.5k
    Treasure Voucher: 135k
    Stable Voucher: 11.5k
    Eggnog Voucher: 1,800,000 Rupees
    Iron Supporter Vouch: 85k
    Gold Supporter Vouch: 225k
    Diamond Supporter Vouch: 425k
    Max Residence Voucher: 850k
    Derelict Voucher: 1,200,000 Rupees

    EMC Promotion Items
    2012 EMC Ann. Firework:55k
    Valentines Rose: 155k
    60k Members Items 7 pieces total NOT including Ore Buster: 150-180k per piece
    Ore Buster: 190k
    2013 EMC Firework: 50k (It is significantly more rare than the IDay)
    2013 IDay Firework: 40k
    Promo Horse Incitatus: 135k
    Promo Horse Saltar: 130k
    Promo Horse Valens: 125k
    Netherhound Egg: 75k
    2013 Labor Bench: 40k
    2013 Haunted Head (Hasn't dispensed Candy): 45k
    2013 Haunted Head (Has dispensed Candy): 35k
    2013 Turkey Slicer: 50k
    Promo Instructions: 150k
    Holiday Pick: 100k
    Promo Horse Rudolph: 80k
    2013 EMC Ann. Firework: 35k
    2014 Cupid Bow: same as 2015 Bow 25k
    Lucky Bow: 65k
    ICC Skin: 6k
    ICC Flesh: 6k
    Maxarian Head: 25k
    Book of Colors: 100k
    Magical Eggcellant Wand: 16k
    Starter Gear (Total Collection): 4k
    IDay Armor (4 pieces): 35k per piece
    2014 IDay Firework: 25k
    2014 EMC Firework: 30k
    Freedom Blade: 35k
    2014 EMC Birthday Cake: 21k
    2014 Labor Bench: 20k
    2014 Headless Horseman Mask: 35k
    Spooky Mob Egg: 35k
    Remembrance Poppy: 20k
    2014 Turkey Slicer: 45k
    Feast for a king: 21k
    Ham Hacker: 36k
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device: 35k
    Holiday Candle: 13k
    Dancer: 30k
    2014 EMC Ann. Firework: 25k
    Cupid Bow: same as 2014 Bow 25k
    Cupid Arrows (1 Stack): 8k
    Cupid Spawn Egg: 30k
    Cupid Chest Bundle: 60k
    Pi Day Celebration Pie: 23.5k
    Pot O' Gold: 18k

    But as I already stated creds to FDNY for the prices and this is just a reminder to the community of what promos are worth these days.

    If thread needs to be closed for copyright reasons, Im 100% ok w/ that. :)
  2. Why are there yellow and white prices?
  3. changes
  4. Perhaps you can put something like this:
    15K > 17k

    Or at least make it easier to follow which one we should use?
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  6. Sorry about that :)
  7. Holy crap that's a lot of promos xD! Thanks for this thread though :) it really helps because I'm thinking about selling most of my promos :p
  8. Nice! Very helpful :)
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  9. Hmm, I'd have to disagree with some of these prices. It seems to me that over 50% of these promos are overpriced...
  10. One thing missing from this list and the original list is Feast for a King. Would like to see that added. :)
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  11. Some are underpriced, some are overpriced... I written this list up a while ago I believe so it's a bit outdated, but if ww2fan is updating it once a week then hopefully it all gets adjusted to what it really is soon enough :)
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  12. Updated! As I will be gone in Ohio a week, all re accurate.
  13. Don't see a Love Potion No 9. In there (then again don't see a lot of my typos, and mistakes XD)
  14. is the Ham Hacker taken? If not, I will take it tomorrow
  15. This is a thread to list prices, not to actually sell them.
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