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  1. Very atmospheric!
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  2. if u have time draw me as the john rambo in a figt sene
  3. heya progryck, (i'm new, so you may not know me)
    if you have time, can you draw me as me (my skin) friend together (playing together for easier understanding) with zombie pigman, chibi style
    Here's how my skin look like:
    (Avatar size picture:1024x1024) (Sorry for edit many time cuz i'm busy at morning (in my time) and want quick post)
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  4. Mmmm it has been a long time. But, the time has come for another request.

    I have 2 requests for you today ;) , but will put them in separate posts.

    The first is a profile picture for Mr. bryanm61
    The style is Jojo, of course, based off his current skin, , which is a man in a green jacket with the signature hat.

    He's always off redstoning, so drawing him in a control room of some type with glowing redstone dust everywhere and pistons/observers/repeaters etc. would be appropriate

    Given how much he's contributed for public farms, I think the time has come to get him a proper forum pic :)

    Thank you!
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  5. The second request I have is a profile picture for Storm_ily

    The style is Jojo, for sure, based off her current skin, which is a woman with the aviators in a mesh rainbow outfit?

    As for the setting, she likes rainbows...(see her shop below)

    So her flying an elytra through that rainbow arch with sparkles coming out of her feet, would probably be a good sight :)
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  6. Alright, so something like this?
    best friends.
  7. ooh nice, thanks for the art!
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  8. Ok, I should have guessed you would pick Jojo style.
    Here is the first request, hope they like it:
    bryanm61 in their redstone bunker designing the next invention
  9. progyrck can u draw me as john rambo in a battle
  10. Sounds like a nice idea indeed. I did drop the elytra, she already has enough rainbow power to fly on her own. ;)
    Ily in the sky with rainbows
  11. Nope, not a lot of time lately so I give priority to people who have not requested anything before. But I can do a quick photoshop to turn rambo into you ;)
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  12. Thank you so much!! I love it!
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  14. Thanks! i like it!
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  15. :)

    So nice!
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  16. very nice image ;)
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  17. Since the holidays is coming up I want a disney style of me and my skeleton friends making a Blizz Ard!
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  18. Hello progryck, best friend! I'm thinking art for holiday, so here's my idea about art:
    -First, with the aid of chibil style
    -Second, write me and this skin (also me!) with zombie pigman, sitting in sofa in living room with blanket , chilling together with layout: me- me(second skin)- zombie pigman (draw in front of sofa view) (table is thanksgiving dinner in front of sofa)
    -Third, living room with thanksgiving style backgrounds
    -Fouth, i will use it for profie pic
    My skin?
    Me: (Draw in christmas clothers)
    Me (Second Skin):
    (Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry for bother you with tons of details) ;)
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