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  3. If its not too much to ask Could you make me a signature that is like GreninjaFroakies but instead of Aquarium +castle with clashing Diamond swords with a castle background
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  4. qestion u doe reqests

    first reqest a labador dog black like sitting by a fire plaze with me or like on a bear with a basooka and a trained body for abofe my fire plaze tnx
  5. A black labrador dog sitting by a fireplace... next to you sitting on top of a bear, holding a bazooka..but what's the last part, the "trained body"?
  6. in shape or muscular
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  8. perfect
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  9. looks so good i love it now just find a plaze for it
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  10. Two drawings in once, I love it. :D
    I also like the detail in the other frame. :)
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  11. Hallo, it's me again ;D

    Per my recent profile post, I've changed my skin, and accordingly, I need a new avatar. :p Who else would I come to except here :D
    She's based upon the Disenchanter card in Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm intentionally not going to give you any more references other than the card and my skin, because I want you to have your own interpretation. Pick any style you want. ;) Just make sure to include a lot of purple. I want muh purple.

    If you're feeling up to the task, I've also been looking for a new signature for a bit, so I'd be appreciative of a signature as well :) Expect some rupees if you do so :p
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  12. What would you like me to draw?
    One of my Halloween skins.

    What style would you like me to draw it in?
    Tim Burton/Don't Starve style

    What size do you want your drawing? (desktop/profile pic/...)
    Profile pic.
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  13. Alright, let's see what we can do. I really liked the staff in the card example so decided to keep it.
    Bit of anime style, bit of avatar and dragonball, and way too much purple, here you go.
    (and yes, it still fits in a Yu-Gi-Oh card. ;) )

    As for a signature, I'll do that probably later this week so i can finish the profile pictures first.
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  14. Didn't know how scary I was allowed to make it, so I made it only a little bit scary.
    Also, reminded me of the girl/ghost from "the ring", hence the static in the background, so it will probably look like she is crawling out of your profile pic.
    warning: scary pfp
    hope you like it. ;)
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  15. I think it's got the perfect amount of scary. It looks awesome, thanks!
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  16. Saw it this morning but didn't get a chance to reply-- 'tis amazing, thank you once again!! :D :D
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  17. I think it's plenty scary! :eek: Great job!
  18. Special request from yesterday for Daanhu's birthday, may our self proclaimed dictator live long and prosperous.
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  19. That is glorious.
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