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  1. Have you attempted Raaynn's suggestion, Progryck? :D
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  2. Maybe they're working on it?
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  3. Nope, not yet, but i do have a start for my profile pic for now.
    will try Raaynn's idea next. ;)
    (also, took some time because i was busy making a slime farm on SMP7, but that's done now)
  4. Oooh, that's a cool idea!
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  5. Mr. Progryck! Provided you are still doing these commissions (I don't want to interrupt your other work or be an annoyance), I have another special surprise request for you today :).

    DiamondGamerGurl has finally created a Discord, and, even otherwise, her EMC forum profile is decidedly default, so I would like your assistance in changing this.

    Her skin:

    As for the venue. Her home res on Smp5 consists of a floating glass island with smaller named shops on it. Here is an image:

    Aside from this, she generally likes flowers (planning a big scavenger hunt with that theme, as well), so a bunch of those would be good too.

    As for stance...perhaps holding a shovel over her shoulder? She currently has a bulk business with lots of orders, so a "go-getter" character would be fitting.

    Style is Jojo, of course, in the size of a profile picture.

    Thank you in advance for your time! But, again, this is only if you are still doing commissions. Don't want to be an annoyance with my many requests, but, they do tend to make a lot of people happy :)
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  6. Hey DrasLeona247, long time no see. ;)
    Of course I'm still doing commissions. Here you go, hope DiamondGamerGurl likes it.
    With Minecraft Background and with simple background

    And don't be afraid to keep the commissions comming.
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  7. This is a pretty detailed request and it's a bit different than what you're used to, but if you're willing:
    It'll be for Unixbrain (

    I'm thinking something with them working on an electronics project with this in the background: (Yes that is ElectroBOOM). The items in the background are oscilloscopes, tesla coils, and a component organizer. You don't have to draw the YouTube play button, and you can keep the background unblurred or maybe with just a light blur. And have them probing a circuit like this with an oscilloscope:

    Thank you so much! Don't rush yourself :)
  8. If he does Unix, he has to put a cat somewhere, he's always saying meow lol
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  9. Lol yes, like if the cat was sitting on top of the oscilloscope in the background
  10. I'll have to put the next drawing on hold for a few days, I'm currently camping with some family.
    But sounds like a fun idea and I'll get to it probably on tuesday.
  11. Alright, back from camping and starting to draw again.
    I hope Unixbrain would like something like this.
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  12. They loved it! :D
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  13. That's really cool! :D It is very expressive to me.
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