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How much would they all be worth?

alot 13 vote(s) 100.0%
much 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Still need responses, bump! (my time thing is a bit strange so I hope I didnt bump too early)
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  2. This would be neat to see also! How far do you have to vote to acquire all of these? I have a few of them ill be @ 80 on Sunday
  3. Vote bonus 300 or so to get the diamond sword....takes about 4-6 months from what I understand. :)

    The only problem is that your username is tied directly to the items, so unless you're staff you won't get much (if anything) off those items.
  4. Vote bonus 300 is the fishing rod ;). And they are worth very much, I have once seen an auction of boots helmet and leggings for 66.666, and I asked some people ingame and most say that full armour +sword is 300K. So these are just the first ones and the diamonds stuff for eample would be worth alot.
    I am at 122 now, my latest one is the iron shovle.
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  5. You can't really price check Voting gear. Someone could pay 10,000r for all of this stuff combined, or they could pay 1,000,000r for each piece. It depends who wants it that depends on what you would get for it, and generally how much they feel that they would want to pay :)
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  6. That was for people who were looking into when you get the items. :)
  7. pascal and john'sface have been buying a while, seems like they would have best idea. From that you might be able to attach rupee value to number of days and then add a little for more useful items and remove a little for less..

    My thoughts on items...
    Voter armor is nice to have for exploring. It's needed for underwater work and helpful for skyscraper work in wild.
    Voter sword is amazingly awesome for xp farms where the loot is useful (skel, pigmen or blaze)
    Hoe, seems near useless, no reason for diamond of this.
    Shovel is great for your mining expeditions, flint or snow farming.
    Sheers, these are amazing for leaf farming, normal sheers are toast quick. Cool for wool.
    Axe makes your tree farming cost 0, though since you're putting real work in, you may want that Eff V diamond axe. It would be excellent for improving your sapling drops though.
    Bow, nice to shoot forever, it won't one shot a ghast though usually, so mixed feelings.
    Pick, would be wonderful for mining trips, especially exploring nether. Super awesome for cobble gen as well.
    Fishing rod, umm yeah, pretty amazing.

    Heres some low numbers, which I would probably buy you out at...
    Lets say boots 35000, Helm 45000, Legs 50000, Chest 55000, Sword 95000, Hoe 30000, Shovel 95000, Axe 95000, Pick 150000, Sheers 90000, Bow 95000, fishing rod 500k add another 100-200k to the diamond version of each.
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  8. I think it depends on whose name is on it.
  9. Still need answers!
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  10. A pair of boots went for around 25k a few months ago.