Praise Stone Slabs

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  1. The presidency debate is coming up and I do not expect to win. Let's be honest, a ton of sheep are flocking to a moderator, sound familiar? Yes, samsimx has the upper hand. Mods tend to be more popular. I thought I would try to lead you guys into the right direction: the Stone Slab direction.

    Samsimx = Ivan The Terrible
    (If you add/remove some letters)

    Stone Slabs are the most beautiful block.

    I am a God, not a Moderator, which means that I have more free time to be with you guys!

    I. Am. GORGEOUS.
  2. I approve of 95.8% of this thread.
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  3. BOOOOOO! Samsimx will win this election! ALL HAIL SAMSIMX!
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  4. That post, to me, is like saying: "i sell these cheaper at my res" in a selling stuff thread from another person..

    All hail stone slabs!
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  5. Why am I not surprised this is a thread from You SkyDragon?

    Stone slabs... The moment I saw the thread I thought "SkyDragon will like this". Well... Truth is, You created it XD
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  6. All hail stoneslabs!
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  7. SkyDragon has now convinced me for my support :)

    Stone slabs are a redstoners dream, esp. when they discover the hidden powers which these beauties have :cool:
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  10. No, Sandstone is the love of my life. Diorite is the sexy mistress I go see on Thursday nights.
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  11. So... you cheat, then...? Does Sandstone know you're doing this to him/her/it...? :p
  12. No, I think combos of blocks are better. Stone slabs + wood + sandstone is awesome! Together forever.
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  13. Sandstone evolved from Stone Slabs to survive and thrive in the desert from predators.
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  14. By the way what happened to the stone slab after "not a stone slab"? Lol
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  15. Stone slabs shall rule us!
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  16. Some more obligatory attacks on samsimx.
    • Where was he when the stock market crashed? He most likely caused it.
    • He hates puppies.
    • He bribed Aikar to be a Moderator. (A big thank you to an anonymous unreliable source.
    • Do you want a dictator to be president?
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  17. Stone slabs are beautiful...but samsimx is still who imma vote for
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  18. Reason? Are you one of the mindless sheep who flock towards powerful people?
  19. Samsimx has a good chance of winning....
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  20. Ahhh, you like to jump on the bandwagon.

    EDIT: That is also called a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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