[POLL] Mac or Windows?

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Mac Or Windows? (Or other)

Mac 35 vote(s) 22.4%
Windows 112 vote(s) 71.8%
Other 9 vote(s) 5.8%
  1. It's a simple dispute between Windows and Mac on smp8. Just answer the poll to prove Chewsy4 wrong.
  2. MAC all the way
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  3. RIP macs, PC master race!
  4. Rip macs? I do not like the sound of that D: i vote for macs!
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  5. Sure about that? Clearly Windows is more efficent just by the way it's set out and you can run way more programs, some games won't even play on a mac! and I have no clue what im talking about
  6. Windows is better for gaming, as many more games are compatible.

    Mac is better for schoolwork, and getting that kind of stuff done.
  7. wtf it's tied!
  8. I have windows but I don't like it ^w^
  9. Your asking for it.. Your asking for it alright..
  10. well atleast i don't have to take up SO much space using a windows pc thing with mac you barly have to setup anything which makes life SO much easier :)
  11. Where's linux at D: ?
  12. I prefer os x as an operating system, but I wish you could customize the computer itself. I love Mac, but a custom built pc is just better
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  13. But you can't run as many games on a MAC than a PC, most things won't work on mac!
  14. I laughed at this.
  15. That's the old Macbook's :p
  16. It's mac. The speed just proves it all.
  17. I facepalmed so hard..
  18. It isn't an operating system.
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