PLEASE Stop With The Grammar Nazism.

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Should there be an anti grammar-nazi rule?

Yes 11 vote(s) 18.3%
No 49 vote(s) 81.7%
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    I am so sick and tired of openin a thread and findig the first post dedicated to shunning the OP because they made a few spelling mistakes. I have been seeing it more and more nowadays and it needs to stop. There are several people who are doing it and they know who they are.

    I think that if you are thinking about spelling and grammar before the thread content you should leave EMC forever. I am not joking.

    I view anybody who hates on somebode else because of how they spell a hater and think they should be banned.


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  2. I correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but I don't hate on people or make a big deal about it. I mean, how else are people supposed to learn?
  3. I'd prefer the no-whining thread rule first. :p

    Not sure what threads you are referring to. I've noticed a lot people like posting 'first' or some such in many threads, but i've never encountered a grammar-Nazi. At least, none that wasn't just having fun with a known associate.

    I seem to associate your name with a lot of negative posts around, perhaps you're overly aware of others negativity?
  4. World War III? Please no not over grammar ;)
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  5. I appreciate order. I do not mind disorder to an extent, but too much is troublesome. Thus, I would no doubt get frustrated by repeated lack of apparent structure.
    Which I have personally never oppressed someone solely on grammar, I do understand some people do this. Typing with correct grammar/spelling is fairly easy, but simple typos ought to be overlooked. If both parties would be accommodating, there would be no dispute to discuss.
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  6. Incoming WWG = World War Grammar
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  7. i agry. y wud nywon car how I spel? its not lik lagages have ruls or nythin that make it so u can tell wut ppl are sayin gooder.
  8. Wot
  9. +g
  10. I correct peoples' grammar occasionally. But when people have grammar issues, it gets on my nerves. I won't correct the missing periods and punctuation marks, but when it gets to the point where you cannot understand them what are you supposed to do?
    Also, I donnot view myself as a hater. I am speaking for a good few people here when I say I have a major case of OCD. When things are not perfect, I have to make them that way, or it drives me crazy. (That is probably why I do so well in school...) But anyways, it just rts spammy and becomes an eye sore. Especially when people, not mentioning any names here... *cough* technologygeek *cough* post "first" in threads. It is just spammy and a nuisance.
    You will notice over time that you care about your presentation more and more. I personally feel that if you DON'T think of grammar before you post you should leave EMC forever.
  11. I put those mistakes in as a test to see if anyone would be a nazi here. :rolleyes:

    I actually have never been first in a thread.

    You are OCD? See a psychiatrist.

    I am not spammy. I hate on spam.

    I care about presentation very much. look at my first thread - when i was a noob

    I think that if you are thinking about spelling and grammar before the thread content you should check your priorities. Why not just go around correcting spelling if that is all you want to do. Maybe you should head over to deviantart and police that because there is a ****tonne of grammar problems. This is a gaming forum, not a teachers' blog.

    I hate seeing someone correct first, and post second. If you feel the absolute feral need to correct spelling please do it in a PM.


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  12. I think you read what I commented on my profile. I'll post a screenshot though, cause I do not really feel like writing it again. image.jpg I still think the same. When things are confusing, they should be fixed. And as soon as possible. So that is why I think it is very good when the first post is a grammar or spelling correction. Of course it would be nice to also put in some real content in the message, that is true.
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  13. SO people do not want a rule to stop grammarnazism. I am looking through the names in the poll and the people voting NO are the nazis. How interesting is that.

    From now on, if you are obsessing over grammar like a nazi i will treat you as one.
  14. If you are going to criticise, do it with class.


    USE A PM
  15. So how are nazis being treaten? And about the people voting no, that is kinda obvious. Of course they do not want a rule against it.
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  16. But mayyyybe people don't like to be judged on spelling...
  17. Nononoono you made a great post on your wall
    you ain't no nazi! Yer a... ummm Moderate reformer! *calls up social studies notes*
  18. First, if you call a person nazi because of its grammar, you are a bad person. Second, I love history, WW2 is one topic I like, but I think grammar nazi never exsisted. So stop calling people like that, is very offensive to call people that haved a rush or a mini mistake. So plz, don't call people grammar nazis!
  19. When it comes to spelling for me, Im garbage
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