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  1. As of right now, I'm stuck on smp7 because smp8 is full (where my project is currently being built). It's almost summer time and knowing this, more players are bound to be online.

    From what I remember the player cap was implemented to decrease the amount of lag. But there's got to be a better way to reduce lag and allow more players to be online on a single server. It's frustrating when you're determined to complete a project but you're unable to because of a small obstacle such as this.
  2. I totally forgot about summer's impact on EMC.

    Unless we figure something out quick, we are screwed.
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  3. I feel that players who have a residence or several on a full server should be given some sort of priority.
  4. #IronSupporterComeback???
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  5. There was something going on on SMP8 earlier. :p
  6. A lot of Emc's players are in their teens or younger, most of them don't have the money to pay even $5.
  7. Even if there is an player-ran event one should still be able to connect to the server they're hoping to connect to. It may not occur often but when it does it's still frustration.
  8. Rainbowchin and BlackKnight got married on smp8.....
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  9. Last I checked, iron suppp vouchers are ~100k. You can make that in a few hours of quartz mining and then that is a full month of iron. I can see why player cap needs increasing, but there are ways around it.
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  10. There are ways around it. And yea, you can pay 100k for it, however, there's not an unlimited amount of these vouchers. The iron supporter voucher isn't too common.
  11. I believe Aikar has made a bunch of improvements but it depends on if it is enough. There is a pretty good chance that it comes down to either sacrificing functionality (as was done with the hoppers) or lowering the player cap. It used to be much worse back when there was only one server. Try setting up some things on a couple other smp servers to make sure you always have something to do.
  12. I remember joining April of 2012, you had to log on early in the day and stay on all day or not get on again if you arent supporter. As bad as it is to say... we need that again. More supporters= more revenue for EMC, upgrades and performance could be amazing.
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  13. That is the thing I didn't mention. When we get full and supporters support (whether by buying a voucher to sell or by paying monthly) the server can be upgraded which means either less restrictions or higher cap.
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  14. I think we could see a small price jump in iron vouchers over the summer. People think ~100,000r is a bunch, but if you play for ~8 hours over 1 day or 3 days, you can make it easy if you are determined. I have made 100k+ in one day from just a days work. Mining nether quartz is profitable, minign stone is profitable.

    I sure hope we get more supporters for upgrades.
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  15. 100k? A lot?

  16. I'm keeping an eye on things with my hopper change, but were likely going to bump up to at least 50 and test the waters.

    But also looking to bump view distance in town up 1 level to make it a little nicer so thats going to have impact too.
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