Do you think the server should have a bigger max player count?

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  1. Hey people,
    I tried to log in today as I found out,
    48/45 people were on smp 1.
    Do you think we should make the max player count bigger?
    Post what you think.
  2. This is something that needs to be addressed. Not the situation you are talking about, but the question itself.

    This exact question is asked many times. Search it if you dont believe me. Which you should have done first.

    I can tell you that someone will post almost exactly what i am saying later if i didnt. But,

    Minecraft can not operate above 45 player allotments and still be stable. Thus the reason for the Empires mulitserver system. But so many people are already waiting to get on everyday, and the due to the constant growing of the this massive organism, once justin releases a new server it is full within minutes. They are trying to handle the load. And if you want to get on whenever you want, support the server.

    Other wise you have to wait. Its just the way of the system. And there is really no other efficient way to do it.
  3. And yes some other server operate at more than 45, but we just found with what we are doing (such as 1,500 residence per server and all the other custom modifications) that it ran the best at 45 :)

    The solution is adding more servers not trying to increase the max capacity of one (horizontal vs vertical scaling).
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  4. Hmm yes but it's annoying to just get on if you know what I am saying. I have a friend that hasn't got on for at least for 1 month.:(
  5. Sorry, I know it sucks, we are already up to 3 SMP servers and are almost ready for smp4 :)
  6. And I would support the server if my Mom would let me:mad:
  7. Just keep trying. You will eventually get on. And Stay on as long as you can once you get on. I was a regular member once... i hated it. But the empire is worth every minute of waiting.
  8. That helps a little, I am kinda getting better at it ;)
  9. 1. get a job (unless youre too young then disregard this post)
    2. support server (you waste more money on other crap anyway.)
    3. you potentially added a new server and can get on whenever you want
    4. ????
    5. profit
  10. Jeremy put it very plainly here, read this thread.

    It confirms what Justin has said in this thread too.

    In a nutshell, adding more slots is not the right solution but instead adding more servers is :)

    *Edit* And of course adding more servers is something that happens with time :)
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