"Play Your Way" - Introducing Player Settings!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. We believe in letting players play the game and Empire Minecraft the way they wish to play, so we design our features to be optional.

    We are stepping up the game and improving the quality and choice of playing at Empire Minecraft now with an all new "Player Settings" system!

    Players will be able to configure aspects of the Empire and how they wish for them to affect them.

    Initially, we have added Head Drop control and the ability to control receiving shop notification messages.

    Some upcoming Settings will be difficulty level of monsters in the wild, so players can choose their own difficulty level!

    This system also really starts to make use of the new 1.7 Chat features, providing a clean, click to use interface! No long commands to remember, type one / click the one on login, and set away!

  2. Thanks Aikar!

    Also good catch on the bugged head drop option. Was gonna make a thread :p
  3. it still loops
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  4. Thanks Aikar #Youdeserveanewcat
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  5. Awesome! This is really cool
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  6. What?
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  7. the settings, they do nothing, they just loop and dont change state
    edit: you also get kicked for disconnect.spam if you click one too many times
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  8. I made a change last moment to add descriptions to the options but forgot to actually test setting it again...
    Yeah... forgot to use the new variable so it was trying to set it with the description too lol
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  9. Ok it should be fixed now, I must of not compiled it properly when i tried to push fix first time.
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  10. also, my forum sig is pvp death messages from self kills via bow or fishing rod. ;P
    you cant get your head from killing yourself in the pvp arenas :(
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  11. Does this mean we can play in peaceful? xD
  12. Cool Stuff Aikar! :D
    I am curious of that as well, but I'd like to add something. Once we choose our new difficulty, will it be forever permanent? How will that work?
  13. Finally and this is not a criticism, but finally we can turn of shop spam Yes :D Silk is a happy bunny ty coding team
  14. Thank you Aikar for doing so much for our community. Just try to imagine EMC without Aikar (wait, don't).

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  15. Wait what? :confused:
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  16. Love this! Can't wait for more options :D
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  17. What do shop notifications refer to?
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