Pixel Art for Millions!

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  1. Player Contest By: Extendingskys

    First place goes to...
    They built a beautiful umbreon pixel art which can be seen at approximately -98, -471

    Second place goes to...
    For their awesome Lugia guarding over the seas at -25, -126

    And third place goes to...
    For the Flamazing Pixel Birdie striking a pose at -25, -168!

    The contest is now over! Thank you all for participating!


    SMP2 Frontier Center! All around the spawn is a giant border of pillars.
    These 5x5 spruce pillars have gaps between them, those gaps are where you should build your art!
    Please build your art 1 block in front of the pillar, and up to two blocks thick.
    Please leave a 3 block gap above land, or 7 block above water.
    You may build as high as you'd like, higher than the pillars if you want.
    You may use any blocks for your art.

    You can have up to 2 slots. You can either use them separately, or combine them for one giant art!

    What do I build?
    Any pixel art!!! Up to 2 blocks thick. Any colors, any blocks, any icon/image/sports logo/food/waifu/picture.

    Does it have to be my own original design?
    Nope! First of all, it would be nearly impossible to enforce. Second, I want to make it more welcoming to the less artistic.

    What are the prizes?

    First prize: Yellow Krysyy Head! One of the rarest staff heads, obtained via the stairway to heaven. Easily worth millions of rupees.
    Second prize: 100kr
    Third prize 100kr
    Prize donations a re accepted

    How is it graded?
    Once the submission date passes, I will put out a survey with pictures of each for the community to grade. There will be two categories:

    -Quality: How well was it made? Block choices, construction, etc.
    -Design: Is the design picked good? (This isn't for judging whether or not you like someone's sports
    team or food, but rather is it an attractive looking picture. Stuff like contrast, color palette, is it lit
    up, etc.)

    Then, I will go and award bonus points.
    +5% Bonus for terraforming the terrain around it. Gotta keep spawn looking pretty!
    +2% Bonus for building over water. It's more difficult and less desirable, so a small reward is in order.


    There is free wool available in the desert temple right next to spawn!

    When you find your slots, please place a sign claiming it with your name so that there is no confusion. I won't include names on the final pictures for the poll, although someone could go check the signs if the wanted. This doesn't matter because they could also check who has claimed the wool blocks to get your name anyway, so it's not protected info in this contest.

    My goal for this contest is to put a beautiful, community-built border of art around the smp2 central spawn. I have been working on beautifying it for a while now, basically everything built there is by me. I wanted to involve the community in it more and I thought this would be a good way to do so.

    Feel free to tell us below what you are going to build (or want to build but can't!), for fun and also so other's maybe avoid it. Or keep it a secret! :p If everyone built different versions of the same thing, I'd still be very happy :)

    If enough slots are still available after a little while, I will allow players to take more than 2. For now though, just 2 please! If you really have your heart set on building a 3 or 4 slot wide pixel art, then perhaps having another player help you temporary claim them, or doing it over the water where I suspect less players may want to build will help.

    If your art isn't exactly in the correct alignment, that's okay, but please try to follow it. However, if it's at the wrong height, AKA too close to the ground or water (3 and 7 air blocks, respectively), then it will not be entered. I don't want the wall of pixel art around spawn to be a wall trapping players or players on horses in.
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  2. i was just wondering today or yesterday when this would happen!
  3. Hi! that's very interesting, I might participate! In fact, I went to see, but couldn't find the pillars? I did find the desert temple though, and some beautiful builds around there. Could you point me in the right direction for the pillars?
  4. Look in 3D mode on the map. Or keep going through the temple and follow the path that goes out back. Theyre huge, you can’t miss em.
  5. hello! :D i just wanted to enter the Competition but a little confused! i found the pillars but im a little confused on where to build.
  6. Between them. The gaps between the pillars are the slots, and you should build within the slots, and one block out from them. Also, sufficiently off the ground (3 air blocks up over ground, 7 if over water). I will try to edit the original post to make it a little more clear, sorry.
  7. Sounds awesome, I cannot wait to see what people create~
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  8. found the veeeery obvious pillars -was I blind?- and reserved 2 spots on the left side of the long white bridge that goes through 2 ruined towers.
    Also, for those interested : pillars are 5 wide, 20 apart, and they go up to 129, so if you start building at 69 you have either a 20*60 canvas, or a 45*60 for two slots.
  9. Cool idea!! Hm, I usually skip art contests, but pixel art is something I can kind of do... I'll try to think of something! :D
  10. why not a piwi?
  11. Nice! This is such a great idea for a contest. May do one later on smp6.

    Will send a donation to the prize pool when i get back. May even build some art if i have time.
  12. Yup! And as I said in the OP, it doesn't have to be your own design. There are plenty of tools out there for helping make pixel art, so even if you aren't an artist, you can still participate and build some cool stuff :)
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  13. aaaand done! a magnificent piece of art, named... er... 'exploration awaits'... I think...

    I've left material and food in the first pillar on the left of the road for any pixelcrafter in need :D
  14. (Say it in a french accent) I am making my pixel art out of wool, because it's cheap and multicolored.
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  15. touché!
    Boette iou woulde bee rayte toe doe sow!
    I can't even find a way to write what our marvelous -and ever so sexy- french accent sounds in english...
    I think it has partly to do with the consonants at the end of the words,which are 'swallowed', or 'smothered', or 'quenched' in english, especially american english, while they are fully pronounced in french. But then, the vowels too...
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  16. i made one but uh, its over water how am i meant to terraform? xD
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  17. Remove any floating blocks nearby, so that it’s nice clear, flat water and nice empty air :)
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