Piwi Day 2023: Year of Geocaching Piwi

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Sensei Piwi found the fountain of youth. Thus, the year of Sensei Piwi has passed, but a new year is upon us: the year of Geocaching Piwi!
    Unsurprisingly, there's another giveaway to go along with that. This year, by picking a number from 1 to 30 you have the chance to win the following:

    potion, No Effects
    GPS, compass
    Pen, feather
    Cache, green_shulker_box, containing:
    • redstone_torch
    • totem_of_undying
    • Pen, feather
    • diamond
    • Pen, feather
    • Logbook, writable_book
    • jukebox
    • Pen, feather
    Jelle68's Head, player_head
    Piwi Certificate, by 607, written_book

    I paid the extra effort to get the compass to point towards the cache, but it turns out it looks wrong in second person mode anyway. :p

    To get your chance at winning this, please pick one of the numbers below!

    1. daanhu
    3. FadedMartian
    9. Raaynn
    11. TomvanWijnen
    18. triphora
    19. LunarEndergirl
    22. Fred_TWK
    27. SkeleTin007
    28. UltiPig
    30. Dufne

    You can only join the giveaway if you have not won a Piwi Day giveaway before. Moreover, there are the following terms that you have to comply to to enter the giveaway:

    You will not distribute whatever you won to anyone, not even your own alternate accounts.
    You will not share the contents of the certificate with anyone but the other people who got it (607, Slvshie, Rhycicles, mjnoe70, Joniia, THE_OP_VILLAGER, Egeau, MoreMoople, SteamingFire).

    Oh, and if you've never done Geocaching before, try it this year! It's fun. :D
  2. No 9 please Piwi (and 607 of course)
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  3. I'll take 22, thank you! :)

    Should we start trying to find the geocache, or more instructions will follow?
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  4. Happy Piwi day! :D I like the new profile picture. :)

    I would like number 11, please. :)
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  5. I have assigned you to the numbers. :)

    I'm not sure what you mean, Fred, or if this is a joke, but I'll answer what I can. :p The cache in Minecraft was just placed for the picture, the winner of the giveaway will get it. The cache IRL was unfortunately removed during the first COVID-19 lockdown.
  6. back for piwi day!

    number 30, please! fingers crossed for this year :)
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  7. Thanks, Tom!
    And good to see you, Duf. :D
    Updated. :)

    As I also posted as a status update, last night I wore Piwi in my breast pocket at an important meeting. I hope that will show up on some of the photos that were taken. :D
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  8. please number 1 wondering were the GPS compas will go to
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  9. oooh, I thought that hunting for the cache was part of the event. apologies :oops:
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  10. Happy Piwi Day! :D
    Number 19, please!
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  11. I see, sorry for the confusion! :D
    Added! :)
  12. You cannot grasp the power of the Piwi >:)

    I will like number 27
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  13. Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9...

    Or, specifically, 9-9+9+9. So 18 is what I'll take :D
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  14. Great theme! I'm a fan. Best of luck to Dufne, she's going to win this one of these years :rolleyes:
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  15. nice :) number 3 please :)
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  16. Updated, and thanks, Rhy! :D
  17. If we don't get some more numbers picked, you all will have a fairly large probability of winning. :D
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  18. we dont need more peple sss before they ask

    were dit u get that plush maybe want 1 to dit image search but it was not rilly use full
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  19. I've been looking forward to this. :)
    I'd like number 28, please.
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  20. Thanks, Ulti; added! :D

    Nobody knows! A classmate in secondary education had three of the same plush, though, or so she claimed. I never actually saw those.
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