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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am a complete phone nerd! I love phones and everything about them. Post about phones and related about phones! I would love to know how many people like phones. :) :D ;)
  2. iPhone are Bae. Stuff everything else
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  3. Android FTW

    On a side note for no apparent reason I can call the USA for free unlimited from by mobile for no apparent reason than for the heck of it.
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  4. Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, and I absolutely love it.

    As much as I know Apple makes decent phones, I won't ever buy one.
    In my country (the Nederlands), you'll pay over € 200 more for the iPhone 6S than the Samsung Galaxy S6.
    But then the specs should be better right? Nope!
    The only thing I could find the iPhone is better on is the 4K video resolution vs 2160p on the S6 (of which I think not many people are using because 5-10 minutes of footage will pretty much take up your entire storage if you have the 16GB model)
    But surely there must be some things Apple does better than Samsung! Maybe, but I don't think I'd pay over € 200 more for a few minor things Apple does better.

    I'm not saying Apple makes bad phones, but they just overpriced the iPhone.

    If I made a mistake in my reasoning, feel free to correct me (in a nice way)
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  5. Well, if you like phones then what about this model:

  6. Psshhh Samsungs, iPhones and Sony's are so yesterday.. this is the new thing ya'll.

  7. Just got this beauty. Dropped it on my floor though. The neighbors were not happy about that....
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  8. It may have gone for good mate.
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  9. I have a mobile phone which I really love: the Nokia C1-01. I had one before, but I went swimming with it by accident, and it stopped working some hours after that. Yes, even Nokias don't like being underwater for an hour.
    I got a new one, though, exactly the same model, and that one has been doing great. Here's a picture of it, using one of my favourite applications I've got on it: ProPaintMobile. When I don't have anything to do, I get to some pixel art!
  10. Phones? I can talk about phones. Here's my first "proper" phone, the LG KS360. Probably cost me about thirty to forty pounds at the time. I was super proud of having this phone. Used it for quite a while, until eventually it was just too out dated, and I went for my first smartphone. Oh, and interestingly enough, I once dropped this fully into water, and when I took it out, I didn't use rice to draw out the water, yet it still worked like normal!

    My first smartphone (of sorts) was the Sony Xperia Miro. Bought it for about eighty pounds. I had always wanted an Xperia, and after the Miro, I'm not 100% sure if I'll want one again... I bought it with a 1 year warranty, thank goodness. The phone performed really well until about (give or take a month or two) 9 months in to the warranty, when suddenly, power button gets stuck (internally). If my phone was on, it would just ask me if I wanted to turn it off. If I said yes, it instantly started back up, and if I said no, it would ask me again. Once it starts up again, it asks me if I want to turn it off again...

    Ended up taking it back to the shop and they took about two weeks to "fix" it. Got it back and the problem still occurred, so they offered me a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in exchange for the broken phone. I sold the Samsung immediately for one hundred pounds, and essentially made a profit of twenty pounds for using my Sony for almost a year...

    I then got the iPhone 5, about 2 years and 7 months ago to be exact. I can't remember how much it cost, but I can honestly say that this phone is amazing. iPhones are definitely very expensive and can be somewhat overpriced, but the interface is so easy to use, it's so simple and effective with lots of enjoyable apps. Only problem I've had with it is that I've had to replace the battery on it twice now! The batteries are known for dropping off any dying, but all you need to do is unscrew the screws at the bottom, sucker the screen up and lodge screwdrivers under it to pry it open, then take out the battery pin, replace the battery, and put it all back together again! Easy repairs that costs me five to ten pounds each, when if you take it to Apple, they'll charge you at least sixty. Daylight robbery.

    I don't know when I'll replace this phone, it's the phone I've probably had for the longest amount of time, and the one I've enjoyed the most and got the most use out of. Hopefully it lasts me a long while to come! I don't want to spend any more money on a brand new phone, but I'm happy replacing batteries every once in a while :rolleyes:

    If you have any questions about my phones then feel free to ask :p Hope you enjoyed the read! :)
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  11. I'll probably drop more of my words here soonish :p

    If I may ask, where do you get these new batteries? My dad has an iPhone 5 for work, and if I could help him increase his battery life by simply swapping the batteries, it'd be amazing. :)
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  12. The first battery I got was awesome, but I bought it quite a while ago. It was on eBay and it came with a small kit that allowed me to open up the phone properly and didn't even cost ten pounds! Unfortunately, I don't remember the seller and the listing is likely long gone. But there are other similar ones on eBay if you take a look!

    As for the second battery, I bought it two months ago on Amazon. The battery was ish okay, it had ups and downs but it mostly runs well so I'm good with it for now, but the Amazon seller no longer exists. Packed up shop and left.

    So, in all honesty, I'm not sure where you should get it - but be super careful. Read all the reviews, because some of the batteries are absolutely terrible. It's usually best to try and get a standard Apple one as opposed to a larger one, I found one on Amazon claiming to have longer life and all the reviews said that they didn't work! Be super careful when you look, in all honesty, I'd only replace the battery if the battery in the phone is on its last legs and doesn't last at all!
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  13. I'll check ebay then, thanks. :) And, "on its last legs", how long approximately would you say this is?
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  14. There's all sorts of different signs, one may be that it shows a different battery percentage on charge than it does when it's off charge, or if it turns off prematurely (before 0%), or even that it jumps up and down in battery when using it (one of the old batteries would jump down by 5-20% at a time, and when charging, it could jump up, or even jump up if I turned the phone off and on again for no reason). Usually, you'll know it's on its last legs if it blacks out and needs charging before it reaches 0. One of my batteries would black out at over 50% battery left :p
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  15. Hello everyone,
    This is my phone history. I have always liked computers, and at this time my mum had a iPhone 3Gs and I thought it was fascinating. My dad had a blackberry from work and would regularly get new ones. I would look through draws and find old phones. my first working phone was a Nokia N95 that was my mums. I had to tape the back on because it would fall off, here is what the N95 lookes like:

    after about 5 months of loving this phone it stopped working, and I was really upset so my mum found an old Samsung phone and gave it to me. I was ecstatic used the phone for about a year then lost it in Greece, the phone looked a bit like this:

    I used a nokia phone for about half a year then my mum took me to tesco mobile and bout me a samsung galaxy young:

    I had it on a 2 year contract and when it finished I got a nokia lumia 630:

    It was a great phone until the screen broke and when we got it fixed the screen wouldn't stop flickering. I got a Motorola Razr i for my birthday which i was going to root then put cyanogen mod onto it.

    That is the phone I have today! :)
    My dream phone would either be a Sony xperia z5 premium:

    or a One plus Three (model 4 (I think :p)):

    here is the website for it I think its the fouth model because it is the fourth phone they have made :p :D
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  16. 4k and 2160p are the same thing.

    I have always been a phone person too.

    My first phone was a Motorola Razr. It was thin, sleek, fast, and probably the iPhone equivalent of the time it came out.

    My second phone was another basic phone because I enjoyed texting. Sliding keyboard was a priority.

    My first smartphone was the iPhone 4s, which I adored. For three days I had a Sony Xperia-Ericcson smartphone with Playstation controls before I realized how much I hated it. Siri was all the rage, there weren't too many premium Android phones out, and my hands were a lot smaller then. I did miss 4g, though.

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 came out and the world was never the same. I was fond of it when it came out because of removable battery and expandable storage, but later found the bloatware and GUI to be very annoying. It was a good phone, but I was left unimpressed.

    My latest phone I love more than any other phone I've used. I bought the LG V10 back in November for a promotion to get a free 200 GB microsd card and a spare battery. It was cheaper than an iPhone at the time, had 64 GB's of storage, amazing cameras with DSLR-esque controls, a 32 bit DAC, a second screen (which is hard to explain), a giant removable battery, an SD slot, military grade hardware, 4gb of RAM, a 1440p screen, and a very customizable Android UI. That is only half of what I love about this phone. There are less than a million in existence, compared to the tens of millions of Samsung and iPhone handsets.
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  17. The LG v10 Looks awesome but sadly its not avalable in england!
  18. Guill mentioned the OnePlus... they are a great make. I've never known anyone that regretted buying one, but I don't think I'd make the move from Apple, I'm just too used to it! Great value for money, though, with OnePlus!

    I added a new phone to my "collection" today. I now have an iPhone 5S that was originally owned by my cousin, though it was stolen and damaged, so now it's mine and it's sort of a project. I'm planning to fix the screen, and hopefully that removes the lines on the screen. The screen is in such a state, but the phone does still power up! It looks sort of like this, but it's white and gold, and a little bit more smashed:

    Also, Guill mentioned the iPhone 3G. Those are cool phones. The original 1st gen Apple phones actually seem to have gone up in value, which is no surprise! I wonder if the 3G will follow suit... if it will, it may be time to get buying!

    One other phone that I have is one that I gained as a spare for if my iPhone 5 went and died, but then again, I've managed to maintain it when it died so it's never been used. I got it for free from a contract on TalkTalk though, so it was worth taking! It's the Sony Xperia E1. No idea what it's like, but I didn't really want to open an Xperia immediately after my Miro as mentioned earlier... :p
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  19. I don't have a phone. An 8GB Kindle Fire suffices for my purposes, which just goes to show how low my expectations are. :oops:
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