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  1. I have no idea what has happened with the spoilers :confused:
  2. That happens when you change formatting within the spoilers. You should try to set up the right colour and font before the spoiler and then just let it keep going until after the spoiler. I know that's what you tried to do, but by using the rich text editor it messed it up by redoing the formatting every single line. To fix that and try over you could select the entire spoiler, click the remove formatting button, then go to the raw editor (without the buttons), and make sure the formatting gets set once before the spoiler and not anywhere inside. Then it won't create extra, empty spoilers.
  3. I like android better than IPhone

    1) Androids are faster
    2) Simulation games are faster on android
    3) Androids look high tech
    4) Androids are and will be better than iPhone

    This is my opinion on theses 2 Phones
  4. That's not quite true.
    Although I agree with most of your statements, that depends entirely on the type of phone/system.
    Yes, the S6 (I think that's the newest) is faster than the Iphones, but that is the "best" on the market right now!
    My old Samsung Galaxy Core, (I think I had that one) was nowhere near as fast as the Iphone was/is.
    Edit: I'm not actually sure that the S6 is faster, I haven't kept up with the phone market. :p
    Edit2: As Theomglover said, the S7 is the newest.
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  5. S7 is the newest :p
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  6. As I said
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  7. I was about to add this, but I'm too lazy :D
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  8. As someone who loves to tinker with stuff a lot, I'm rocking the OnePlus Two right now with plans to upgrade to either the OnePlus Three or the new Google Nexus which should hopefully be coming out this year.

    Compared to other phones, I love their pricing strategy, high level of customisation out of the box and overall design; they feel seriously well built.
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  9. Does a oculus rift count as a phone.. :/ Wa-wa-wa-wait I meant the Samsung oculur rift cause you connect your phone on to it.. Is it called the Samsung oculus rift?