Phase one of community moderation upgrade

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  1. Today we launched the first phase of our community moderation system. This is the in-game reporting system that we have been talking about for quite some time. One of our biggest challenges as we grow is enforcing the rules and maintaining a fun and safe environment. We share this burden as a community, so why not involve the entire community in moderation?

    All players now have the ability to report rule breakers in-game. The command to do so is /report. Reports are sent to Square where they are processed by the system. The trouble maker is flagged and online moderators are notified, even if they are not on that server.

    All of above is the base of the system (phase one). We will spend the next few weeks working the kinks out of it before we move into the next phases of the system. Future phases will include a system that is smart enough to take automatically take temporary action against reported players. The logic for this will take into account many variables such as how many reports the player has, reputation of the players who reported them, how long they have been a member, etc. Temporary action would be a ban that is put into place until a human moderator can review the flagged player.

    Like I said before, this system is new and NOT perfect. We are learning together and will tweak as we go. I think this will get us started down the right path. Thank you for your time!
  2. Wow I like how you are gonna make this system "smart" by adding reputations and such. This is gonna make the server more fun with less rule breakers.
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  3. Great idea. I've seen people running on water, and it is hard to capture that in a screen shot, and I don't like bugging Moderators/Admins about something I can't conclusively prove. Being a new member in the Empire also makes my credibility a little low, as I'm sure you guys get so many false reports.

    This should definitely make those cheaters think twice about using their hacks. :)
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  4. i think this is destined mor for swearing/spamming
    Am i right?
  5. This is... Just... Wow. -Mindblown-
    But yeah this is an amazing new feature which will come very handy, I'm sure! XD
  6. how will you combat abuse? like lets say that i have a shop that is overstocked on wheat, so i sell it cheaply. 256 wheat for one rupee. what happens if i get banned for no legit reason because the competing store owners report me for [insert reason here] ???
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  7. This deserves a cool pic :) (I just took it) 2012-02-20_20.03.16.png
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  8. Of course we will not allow this. Players making false reports will be punished. This system does not remove our judgment, it remains the same as it does now :)
  9. ok good, just wanted to make sure!
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  10. What happens if someone reports someone for just a word of caps what they say sorry for just after they get reported?
    then that would ruin there chance of being a Moderator to help the server :/.
  11. Your allowed to sell wheat at whatever price you see fit.

    [edit - too slow!]
  12. Empire Minecraft went from a calculator to GLaDoS in a few short months. Wow, just wow...
  13. This is a great idea! Will there be a mechanism to send in a screenshot to support reports?
  14. Correct, this is a planned feature, but it will require going to the website :)
  15. Then i want my Companion Cube immediately!!!! :D
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  16. Now crafting companion cube...missing parts...magenta wool....grey wool....white wool...compadreship
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  17. Love the system, Already had to report someone and he was banned in 15 seconds.
  18. To confirm, what is the syntax for the command? "/report player reason"? "/report player"?

    Also, make sure you add this to the empire guide!
  19. Yes I will add it to the guide :) Also you can see how to use it by typing /help or /report. It is /report player reason
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  20. Just what Empire Minecraft needs! ;) Now I can finally catch those people griefing my wilderness base, just have to get there in time now XD