Pet peeves.

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Do you live in the wild?

Yes 17 vote(s) 48.6%
No 18 vote(s) 51.4%
  1. I guess that marks a difference in interests between myself and other players. As a wild dweller I hardly if ever make it into town, so money really has no use to me.
  2. You're not the only one that lives in the wild. I'm pretty sure everyone that posted in this thread isn't simply opposed to you alone visiting their outpost. There are LOTS of random travelers out there, and I'd like to think some of them go back to town eventually.
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  3. I do go to town occasionally, mostly just when I have construction projects near spawn. Its easier to mine in the waste for those.
  4. That doesn't really reply to what I said, but okay..

    Since when has mining for items been easier than farming them?
  5. Idk some of the people seem pretty upset at me making the suggestion of visiting their outpost.

    Well I use a lot of cobble and itss faster to mine cobble than it is to farm it. Plus by mining it you get ores too.
  6. Its mainly for security reasons(griefing, stealing) that they do not want you at their outposts. They made their farms specifically for their outpost members and themselves so of course they don't want you to use it.
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  7. I guess thats their perogative.
  8. When I build something in the wild, it's either public use or totally secret. When it's totally secret, I lock all chests and whatnot, and try my best to hide everything from random passersby.

    But when I build something not hidden, I try to include Wayfarer bundles or Community Chests (borrowing a term from Monopoly® lol) for travelers to recuperate and ease the burden of life on the road. Of course, that's a courtesy and in no way owed, but I try to be as accommodating as I can ^_~

    If a traveler can help harvest crops & replant and leave the place a little better than they found it, that'd be wonderful- quite neighborly of them, actually.

    Personally, I think it's a good idea to offer common areas for travelers so they don't feel left out, and to offer them solace from the harsh, uncaring wilderness with care packages- or at least a common box for food and basic necessities. And I think it's a good idea for travelers to respect their hosts by granting them their privacy (and the security of their private areas, lol).

    But in the end, it's the outpost founders' right to choose whether or not they want company.
  9. Thanks for that, I knew i couldnt be the only one that offered free stuff to travelers.
  10. I actually started this off rather negatively in response to you mattias171 but while I typed I couldn't help but think of all the wonderful, sometimes odd, unique, diverse, colorful, funny, ... , so many things, so beautiful we are together but here's the rest that I wanted to tell you...

    You consistently call this just a game and are very dismissive about what others feel to be theirs. Yes, this is a server where we interact with many different people from many different places.. not only in location but in their own life. You continue to speak as if your opinion is the only one that matters .. because YOU find it unfriendly. As stated before(sorry I don't recall who =/ ) your opinion will not be swayed and neither will ours. Dramanya has laid out a rule for you to read and please follow. ok.. back to what I meant to start earlier... This may be ONLY A GAME to you but to others it is a way to reach out and make a connection be it thru building that awesome build or a dirt hut.. exploring the wilds and adventuring, grouping together and going mining, fighting dem bosses, or mobs or setting up a base camp in the waste to harvest all you can with the friends you've made here.. and some like to go it alone most of the time but every now and then reach out to the community that we've built here .. and we have.. we have reached across the the waters, the lands, globe, religion, the politics .. we are a community.
    Please do not be so dismissive of us. Before you label us a unneighborly put forth some effort and try to get to know us first.. we're really very open.. ok.. some more than others but hey! we'er only human.. mostly :D
  11. I was gonna stay out of this discussion, but you keep using this argument as though it's somehow relevant.
    Word to the wise: It doesn't matter whether an item is digital or physical. Much as you want to believe otherwise, there is no substantial difference (in this discussion) between a digital item which exists only as pixels and bits, versus a physical item used in someone's metaphor. Your casual dismissal of comparisons to IRL "neighborly-ness" show a woeful inability to grasp the poster's actual point.

    Speaking personally, a wilderness outpost is a digital home, and I place just as much value on security there as I do IRL. I would not welcome strangers to wander randomly through my home in the real world, and I do not do it in digital either. The difference is, I am not physically able to stop someone from doing so in EMC, and that fact has made me intensely uncomfortable at times. Having said that, let's draw a distinction here: there is a world of difference between "random stranger" and "neighbor." If there's another outpost or settlement within hiking distance, then we are actually neighbors. I have no issue being neighborly with someone who is in fact my neighbor. I have big issues with some random passer-by who wants to come and rummage through my stuff. The fact that they took the time to travel there has no value in my eyes when they were not invited or welcome there in the first place.
  12. So far there have been a total of two posters that have shared some of my ideas, while the rest of the posters have all but vilified and called me a thief. So I have to ask who is dismisssing who?

    In addition to that, I have been here sence 2013 and am a supporter. Many if not all the things I have built were for the betterment of the community to include farms and roads wild repair etc. So I ask again who is being dismissive of who?
  13. Hardly fair to say we vilified you just because we disagreed with you, that is a terrible method of persuasion. Also I'm sure most if not all of us weren't questioning your experience or merits as a functioning member of the community. We just think your idea is dismissive of the wishes of the person who put all the real work into building a farm, and therefor don't appreciate it.
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  14. they have shared random points you have made but not one of them thinks the person who built something is being selfish for protecting their things, in that sentiment you are alone.

    as far as bragging about paying a paltry 5 dollars or being around what does that matter? hardly anyone on the forums knows you at all, you arent active, and from what you yourself have written in this very thread it seems like you mostly keep to yourself in the wild anyways. if this thread did not exist i would have never had any contact with you and thus i would ask you to leave any one of my outposts or builds. the problem here is even though i can ask all i want as long as you arent breaking any rules you can stay at my place indefinitely. which means you could be afk at a farm when i am online and i have to wait 5 minutes for you to be kicked or become active and hope that you move when requested. many of the people in this thread including me have build large scale things for the community and have interacted with one another, and become trusted members amongst one another so that might be who you assume is being dismissive of your attitude. meaning your perceived status that you felt the need to emphasize means nothing to them.

    not one person has said that if you talk to the outpost owner and become friends that you shouldnt somewhat expect them to be hospitable. what they are saying is if you wander into a strangers place you shouldnt expect free stuff.
  15. I don't really afk I'm still at the computer just on the forums. Waiting until the pigmen have stacked up. Then you hear the sound of someone else killing them. That's what I meant.
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  16. Real classy coming from a non supporter.

    Translation, apparently nobody knows me so my opinion doesn't matter.
  17. We were disagreeing with each other. Yet I was disagreeing with the apparent majority, so I'm the one that's being dismissive. Got it.
  18. mattias171, it seems that you may be right. In my opinion it's the same horse being beaten to dead over and over and it seems to no end. Maybe we should end this back and forth and agree to disagree but just be sure to follow the rules esp the one Dramanya pointed out.

    To me it feels as if you threw out a topic you knew would incite drama and enjoying the argument. If this is something you're enjoying then maybe start a debate thread or something in your own life that will fulfill whatever you're trying for here. .. and this is the last time I will say anything further here.
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  19. Out of everyone that you could have berated for being a non-supporter, you chose the the ex-staff member who did more good for the server in his average week than your $5 a month will ever do. Talk about classy.

    Not only do you feel entitled to others works, you feel entitled to a status as well.
    inb4 "I didn't say I was entitled to anything", I, and everyone else here, have the ability to interpret your actions and statements.
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  20. So many peeves so little time to read them all.

    Peeve 1) Scouting for Momentus, only to realize someone else is too and they're much closer to the giant.

    Peeve 2) Traveling all the way to a farm only to find out someone is there using it and now your forced to wait or leave.

    Peeve 3) Using a 1 player at a time public farm and someone else comes to use it and waits till your done. Like hey those orbs are mine back off a few blocks.

    Peeve 4) Someone makes a list about peeves. Like we all got them but dang now the dirty laundries out for all to see.