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  1. I just recently dropped playing EMC; but I am still active throughout the forums. It seems to me that your technically complaining that people aren't allowing you to arrive at their outpost and snoop through their chests to take as willingly as you feel to. When outposts are established, there are multiple options. For example, the outpost I currently co-own is a full private outpost, meaning we have every right to remove any player from the presences if they are either bothering a user [member of outpost] or- for your sake, going through chests (Not saying anything negative). Players deserve every right to claim their items because they spend all their time and effort on these projects and AFK there not to just have someone come out, take out what they want, and leave. Hopefully this gets you to change you pet peeves a little bit, because technically going through other users chests without permission is stealing and could lead to ban if the owner of the outpost decides to do so. Most outposts are chill though, usually just ask you to return what you took and not to return. If you have a issue with this, contact a moderator and state what you feel is wrong :)
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  2. Actually, the community has voted (overwhelmingly) that it is the MOST important feature. Aikar has to upgrade us to 1.9 (to keep us relevant), then he'll add grief protections which may automatically lock all chests and prevent you from breaking through griefer traps. After that is "Empires" which is persistent groups, including the ability to lock chest for ALL of your outpost members (instead of just 3). Then after that is "Outposts" which you can see on the home page includes new teleports to make it easier to find unclaimed areas away from others as well as the ability to set container permissions for your full claimed area. Then once all those are done, Aikar will go back to adding other content like Dragon Tombs part 3.
  3. This is actually the other way around.
    You can only take from chests the owner allows you to.

    1. No Griefing or Stealing Anywhere on the Server

    • If it is not yours, then do not touch it without permission. This applies to ALL areas of the Empire.
    • Do not break other people‚Äôs creations (aka griefing). If you are caught doing so, you will be permanently banned.
    • Do not steal from other players, even if you find an unlocked player chest in the wilderness or if you have container permissions on another players lot. If you are caught doing so you will be permanently banned.
  4. You are correct that the community (including myself) has voted to implement protected outposts. In fact people have wanted this for several years now. Yet here we are with no protected spawn in sight.
  5. so that gives you the entitled sense that you can take what belongs to others? i dont understand this response
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  6. Im not talking about items that players took the time to collect, Im talking about the collection point on farms. If the owner isnt in the area and someone is there, why not allow the person to utilize the farm? I feel like this is related to food farms where you replant what you harvest. Most farms I have encountered in the wild have a sign to this effect.
  7. I never said I was entitled to anything, dont put words in my mouth.
  8. because it isnt yours....can i come into your house and use your bed if you arent there? can i go onto your outpost or wherever you keep things and take things out of your chests if you arent there? no they built the farm, they are responsible for whatever drops might be accumulating not you and thus those drops belong to them. depending on the farm you might just be able to wait until the chests fill up and then and only then would you be allowed to pick up whatever is floating but until then those builders designed the place you are standing with the intent that when it is loaded the drops are going in that chest and thus to them, any deviation from that is stealing whether its food, mob drops, redstone contraptions, anything.
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  9. I realize these things mean a lot to people I think people put too much importance into them.
    And again I never said I was entitled to anything
  10. I said I would leave it, but I feel the need to say you said it was not neighborly, or perhaps even rude to not let other people have the items. This entitlement being mentioned is the belief you have that you should be able to have items at other peoples farms, just because you were there.
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  11. "As such I have encountered a number of iron and mob farms that have locked chests at the collection points. This seems entirely unnecessary and downright selfish"

    this heavily implies that you feel you have a right to what is going into those chests. the dictionary definition of entitled
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  12. You're taking things a bit too seriously. I've already said that I leave the collection point open to all. Personally Im flattered if visits one of my builds, especially iffyou leave a sign saying hello.
  13. Its not entitlement, its people not being stingy with their stuff. If this was real life where its a physical house or land, thats another issue. This is a game and a server. The whole point of having a server is so that people can interact with each other.
  14. Thank you, finally someone that appreciates visitors.
  15. i take theft seriously

    ive also had people afk at a farm i built at a private outpost so that i could neither collect my own drops, nor move them (since moving people in the wild can be considered indirect pvp) since the wild has no private property i could do nothing in game to remove the person as long as they were afk at a time before the afk kick system was in place. so i rebuilt the collection point when he was offline to get my drops, shortly after he left my outpost since there was no longer free pickings.

    again you are allowed to be wherever you want to be on emc at the moment, noone can stop you according to the rules. but calling someone selfish because they want to be able to get something out of something they built anytime they come online is a blaring example of your own entitlement syndrome.
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  16. People seem to be under the impression that Im changing something. Im not. Im simply making comments on things i have observed. I have no control over how you run your outpost.

    As for your metaphor, if we were talking about real life with physical objects or land I would agree with you. However this is a server, whats the point of being on a server if not to interact with other people? Plus as for the collection points on farms, i'm talking about if the owner is not present and you are the only person around, why not allow a visitor to use the farm? And yes I realize the amount of work that goes into a farm.
  17. I also take theft seriously, but im not talking about theft. Im talking about letting others use your farm when you arnt present.
    As for the AFK'ers that sounds more like theft then what im proposing. As the builder and owner you absolutely should be able to use your creation. But what about when you arnt there? Why not let someone else use it till you come back?
  18. ive put hundreds of hours into a farm, there is something in economics called psychic/intrinsic value, the real world value of my farms is derived from the actual real life time i have put into perfecting them. they are worth to me hundreds of dollars, so
    in real world money you are squandering hundreds of dollars worth of my work. can i come over to your real world house and take real world hundreds of dollar items from you? if not then you answered your own comment. and so have mods taking things from chests even unlocked ones for farms those people arent at is stealing.
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  19. Think of it like this. Farms of any type vary in efficiency, right? Those huge gold farms that take multiple DCs of obby to build take more time, money, and effort to build. With the high supply of gold right now, I wouldn't like anyone mooching off my gold farm (if I had one) and getting money there rather than at a public gold farm
  20. Again, not talking about physical things here, however you are right it is worth a large amount of time. However if someone visits while you are not there and collects a few things, you haven't lost anything because the items would not have appeared due to your absence anyway.
    While insignificant compared to the time it took to build the farm, the time of the random traveler is worth something too.