Pet peeves.

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Do you live in the wild?

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No 18 vote(s) 51.4%
  1. We are talking about fake internet items, that had that person not been where they were, would not have existed. Apparently some people view their fake internet items as more important than having friendly interaction with fellow players.

    The intent of the wild has never been to provide protection for players, it has always been a place where building and exploring is limited only by your imagination and resources. The fact that it has taken so long for the dev to make a real protected outpost system proves the point that it is not an important feature on this server. They have provided locked chests and made rules about destroying things that arnt yours, but it still happens.

    Apparently I was under the mistaken impression that people would be more generous with the collection chests.
  2. That is annoying I agree, but maybe dont AFK?
  3. First, nobody is making you do anything.
    Second, we are talking about fake internet items, not tomatoes. These things have no value outside of the game.
    Finally, the dev has provided ways to protect your stuff in the wild. explorers should not be an issue, that is unless they start destroying things, but thats another topic.
  4. Was going to type up something to contradict you, but realized there is no point, you wont change your view, but we also will not change ours.
  5. You have a good point, And i did title this pet peeves after all. Wouldnt be true to the title without a bit of complaining lol.
    My original intent was to get people to be more friendly in the wild. Looks like nobody wants to though.
  6. Just something to think about, you keep saying 'fake internet items". I understand the intent as this is supposed to symbolize that these items would not exist if you weren't there to collect them, however, this language ultimately is dismissive of the real time and effort the builders put into making said creation so it is not really fair to be so dismissive of these items. Also it seems like flawed logic to insist you have a right to some items by standing at the grinder, but to at the same time disregard the wishes of the builder who made said spawner. I acknowledge your ideas, it can seem completely reasonable to think that if a creator is not using a grinder, it should be public, but ultimately this is not anyone's decision to make except the person who made the creation, seeing as they put in all of the time and effort.
  7. This is true, it is ultimately the farms creators decision, I just find it stingy and selfish to lock the chests.
    I appreciate the amount of work that goes into building a farm as I have built several both on the server and in single player. I don't mean to dismiss the amount of work that goes into such an endeavor. I do however wish to bring attention to the fact that this stuff after all only exists on the computer and it is ultimately a game.
    I never said I had a right to any of the stuff, Im simply trying to encourage the other wild dwellers to share with each other as you are welcome to share with mine.
  8. Your original intent was to whine about people not leaving their items laying out and about for you to pick and grab. You can't say that nobody wants to be friendly and generous and provide items to strangers from the community in the wild because if that were true, there wouldn't be huge public resource outposts like there are on smp 8 and smp 5 (and more which I may not even be aware of because I'm still relatively new). I think you underestimate the massive amount of effort it takes to maintain something like a gold or iron farm that is open for public use. I can tell you that if I were to go to Pigmentus, an excellently built public gold farm, every day, I would find something that needs to be repaired every day- and I'm not even savvy with the more intricate inner workings, just the basic stuff that can be seen by everybody. I would even hazard a guess that most of these minor damages aren't even caused by griefers, but rather by people who don't know that something they may be doing could break some redstone or negatively impacting spawn rates.

    I agree with the concept you originally presented in the OP. Yes, it sucks knowing that people have amazingly efficient and awesome farms built that could make your life in-game 10x easier and that you can't access it. It's hard to avoid getting that lil bit of crafter's envy because it's basically part of being a human being. But! You have to consider why people are building these huge farms and outposts way out in the way out, hiding them so that the random passerby is less likely to, y'know, pass by....It's a lot of work. And even though this server is pretty good at handling people who join to do no more than cause harm, griefing does happen and as previous posters have pointed out, you can't tell who is going to grief you until you catch them in the act.

    Say you spend weeks working on your own iron titan. You breed up your own villagers from healed zombie villagers, put up your ten billion doors, and get everything working. You're super excited to show it off! But then you hear that your friend's massive gold farm got griefed mere hours after they unveiled it to the masses. And you start to have second thoughts because what if that happens to you too? It would be much safer to only share the location and access to the farm with people you trust, right? Thus, you minimize the risk of getting griefed, and potentially save yourself hours of having to repair it. Now apply that to a whole settlement that you and your friends build.

    Like I said, I get your frustration. I really do. A public stone farm that I used VERY frequently on smp6 was shut down after extensive griefing and still has yet to be reopened to people willing to pay for access to the res. Personally, I hate mining out in the wild because I hate having to run back and forth between my mine and the protected area so I can either take stuff home or put it into my vault...I hate fighting mobs and I find traversing the landscape irritating given the fact that people have dug gouges out of the ground. Also, I'm lazy. But I totally get why they shut it down and are reluctant to open back up so it's mining for me until I get off my butt to build my own stone generator. Such is life! Like you said, it's all pixels, so is it really worth getting salty over?

  9. You mean fake inter people? And I'm sorry, but you need to think about what you're saying. People work hard, and it's important to them. Just bc its a video game doesn't mean it's got people's hard work. Now if I make a farm and you take stuff, you can. But you'll be reported. Because. It's. ILLEGAL.
  10. Your'e not me so you cant tell me what my intent was or is, you can only judge thee delivery. Also that's a strawman argument because I didn't say that nobody wants to be friendly, I simply observed the locked collection box at a few different farms.

    Your'e right it is just pixels I've said that from the beginning of the thread. I understand the work people put into these farms but I'm surprised how upset people are getting over this.
  11. Strawman argument, I said fake internet items, not people. Dont say you're sorry because you arnt. I realize how much work that goes into a farm because I have built several myself.

    Finally its only illegal to take from the collection box if the owner doesnt allow you to.
  12. I can clear things up for you, if items are On the Ground they can be picked up. If they are in any container, it is best to leave it alone (Because stealings bad mkay)

    Over reading this thread isn't about your pet peeve, this is a ramble that you aren't able to get those items. Seanawesome has a point, players do work hard on farms and even if that player isn't there doesn't mean you can take from it. I hope you have a better understanding.
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  13. It's illegal to take from any chest that is not yours, unless you are given explicit permission.

    I get that you don't seem to understand the concept of "fake internet things." Maybe you should look at what those things symbolize to people.

    Its this kind of feeling of entitlement that leads to people locking down their builds. There is nothing friendly about rummaging through collection chests without asking because you think that your time being there entitles you to whatever is generated. You have no right to enter and use someone else's builds without their permission.

    You can word your explanations however you want in order to sound like the innocent party, but your assumptions are not facts.
  14. aren't*
    Also, the whole point of locks is so you CAN'T! And you aren't asking the owner, you're strolling along and taking stuff, just because you want to.
  15. I'm +1 for this. I leave the collection areas of my farms open. I have no problem with someone collecting drops when I'm not around.'s perfectly legal to stand at the collection area of a farm and take the drops. (Whether this be an outpost or somewhere in town.) I don't have a problem with taking the drops from a chest instead of standing on top of the hoppers, as long as the drops taken were ones generated by the visitor. But I think this might not be legal, even if the chest is left unlocked. It's a gray area to me in terms of a moral choice, but legally I think it's prohibited.

    And +1 for outpost visitation. I really hope to see some of EMC's greatest outposts once the protections are in place.
  16. I'm also down to see more outposts that we can visit but then again I would rather wait until outpost protection is on and then people can come to our outposts and hey we might even give them access to a area where they can get goods but until then I don't want many people I don't know or trust at my outpost... I only want players that I know and that are their for me when I need them. I want players their that are their if I get griefed to help me rebuild and make things better for that area!
    Sometimes this game is people's only way to express feelings or even to meet new people.. Who cares if you think its just a silly game.. Too some people this game is really important to them cause they have friends/family like no other. Personally I feel like I have made new family on this game.. Ya I know that sounds stupid but they were always their for me when I needed them and they were their to give me support and advice. Sometimes you can't get that out in the real world..then sometimes you can.
  17. So, I get your point. You think people are being unfriendly/selfish for not wanting to let you have free access to their items. That's your opinion, which I respect. The opinion of most people is that they worked hard on their farms/builds or whatever and it's up to them if they want to give access or not. That has absolutely nothing to do with being selfish or unfriendly. It also gives me an uneasy feeling that you feel so entitled to these items while you're running around exploring random outposts in the wild, but that could just be me. Anyway, maybe consider building your own outpost since you spend so much time in the frontier. Then you can have all the drops you want.
  18. Well, I honestly didn't really want to post here, but I think I should point a few things out as someone who's pet peeves is people coming to use my farms/other outpost utilities. Before I get started you should know this is in no way attacking you, I'm just trying to clarify the way I see this (and the way I think most people who have disagreed with you view it.)

    First of all, why is it that you need to use our farms? There are plenty of public farms that are designed for you (the user looking for an item farm) to use. We have decided to make our own, so well, we could have our own (and sometimes for improved speeds.) Is it unjust of us to say we want this thing that we made to be for us to be for us? (Tongue twister there, hehe) Is it not fair that the thing we have spent hours making should be used by us, and only others we choose? Secondly, you've described it as selfish in multiple responses for us to not want unauthorized players using our farms. I'm having a hard time thinking of a good metaphor, but here goes. Your neighbor has just bought one of the new Audi A-4s, and he leaves to go on a business trip for a week. You have the keys to his house and you find the keys to his car. You take his car and drive it around for a bit, fill the tank back up to where it was when you first left, and return it to his garage. When he returns and is furious with you for taking his car without permission, would you tell him about how it's selfish for him to keep it for himself? I sure don't think so. Your neighbor worked hard to get that new car. Your fellow players have worked hard to build these farms. Could your neighbor let you drive his car around and it really not effect him? Yes. Could your fellow players let you use their item farms and it not really effect them? Yes. But should they be expected to? I don't think so, but you may disagree.
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  19. if you dont go in peoples chests that arent yours then what does it matter if its locked? it isnt your chest, dont touch it.

    usually those chests are there so a person can stand at the farm and not have to worry about other people walking up and stealing what they have been standing there collecting. as far as saying "oh there is town if you want to be safe" town does not allow large scale farms nor does it allow gollum spawns, or pigmen, or wither skeletons.
    so while yes you are allowed to be at any farm no you are not allowed to use it if they dont want you to. locking a chest in the collection area is one way to ensure that

    lastly when land claiming does finally come out there will be the ability to lock people out of your area.
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  20. I will say though that I would totally be down to work out some sort of trade with people to get them to let me use their personal farms though lmao. Like either pay them rupees or give them a cut of the drops I receive or do menial labor whatever. I love the public farms, especially on smp8, and I utilize them frequently but I always feel bad for hanging out too long, especially if other people are coming and going....
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