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  1. Hello all, I wanted to address a few things that I have noticed in the wild the past few years. I have made the wild my permanent home and rarely go into town. I also don't have a single place that I reside, I choose to wander the wild and visit outposts and admire the workmanship.
    As such I have encountered a number of iron and mob farms that have locked chests at the collection points. This seems entirely unnecessary and downright selfish, for the traveler that wishes to pay your outpost a visit. I can understand peoples desire in attempting to hide the iron farm so that it cant be spotted on the live map, but don't lock the collection chest. If someone does find the farm, allow them to use if and be on their way.
    Another thing, I found an outpost the other day by traveling through a nether portal. When I arrived on the other side, the portal sat in a stone hut with iron doors and a sign that said to keep out. To get out of the hut you would have to break through the wall essentially "Griefing" the outpost. There is no such thing as a confidential or private outpost. Again, don't be selfish, share the wild with all travelers.

  2. There is such a thing as a private outpost and there is also such a thing as those (rude people) who choose to ignore the wish for privacy. (google introvert)
    I do agree it would be nice if outpost far into the frontier would be more open to travelers but the individual/group that put the work into the build has the right to decide whether or not they want to share the fruits of their labor with people who did none of the work.
    Another problem is some of those locks and enclosed rooms are meant less to be selfish and more to help prevent and detect griefers/thieves. After all how is an outpost supposed to distinguish between someone who might want/need a few bars of iron bars and someone who will clean out their entire supply? How do you distinguish between someone who just wants a look and someone who will destroy or will follow you around for months like a digital creepy stalker?
  3. I thought this was gonna be a thread asking us what our pet peeves are lol.
  4. I read the establishing outpost rules and it didn't say anything about private outposts. If you want everything completely safe, live in town.
    Your point about enclosed rooms does make some sense, yet I still see it as being very selfish. If someone is following you around for months on end it's really more your fault for not reporting them.
  5. I suppose you could post some pet peeves of your own if you wish. I was just trying to make the wild a bit more friendly and welcoming to people.
  6. Thing is, just because you wander around the wild and find someones base does not mean it's free to use. And I really don't understand your reasoning as it being selfish. If I spend the time gathering materials and building something to farm an item for me to use or even sell, how is that selfish. Locked chests are there for people like yourself that wonder around and think they can just take stuff. (Not saying that you take stuff.)

    There are many public farms for everyone to use. But whats one thing they all have in common? Griefing of any kind. It's unavoidable until block protection is active.
  7. It's illegal to steal from chests, so no I don't do that. I do appreciate the amount of work that goes into building a farm as I have built quite a few both on the server and in single player mode. The thing that seems selfish is that I happen upon a farm where no one else is present, if I collect a few drops what has the owner lost? Nothing. He wasn't even there to colecture things anyway. What about when the outpost is abandoned, is it rendered unusable forever?
    Leaving the collection box open is just the neighborly thing to do. Anyone that visit's my outpost is welcome to the collection box. And plus, its just fake computer stuff anyways, it's just a game, so don't be stingy.
  8. No that is still stealing. An established outpost and everything in it belongs to the owners and operators of that outpost. Anyone not part of it is not allowed to take anything. It's not at all about being selfish. Common sense though isn't it? If it doesn't belong to you, should you take it.

    How do you know it abandoned though? I'm not currently at my outpost. Doesn't mean it's a free for all.

    The neighborly thing to do is to find out who's base it is and ask them if it's OK to use their farm. Yes it's all fake items but it's still someone stuff. I don't think you would like it if you came back to your base and I took all your farm-ables just because I'm your neighbor.
  9. Yea chill out dude, I'm talking about mob drops that had i not been there would not have appeared due to nobody else being around.
    And I don't just assume every outpost is abandoned, I watch it to see if it's active.
  10. Established outposts currently provide minor legal protection and a starting point for staff to resolve issues that arise in the frontier. You are correct that it is not currently possible to prevent others from entering the area of an outpost or even prevent them from using your farm.

    Whenever the issue of preventing others from using your outpost is brought up, Kryssy says something to the effect of "Well you can lock all your farm chests..". So, if you see locked chest at a farm in the frontier, it may be a strong hint that the owner does not want company.

    Once land claiming is added to the game, outposts will probably have the ability to keep people from entering and most will choose this option by default.

    I love exploring and seeing other bases and history, when I do, I do my best to leave no trace of my traveling and if I am considering using a farm, I make every possible attempt to find an owner and ask for permission first. Someone worked hard to create these things and I don't believe I have an Aikar given right to use it just because no one can stop me.
  11. Wow dismissive victim blaming at it's finest. It's not that easy to scrape off an EMC player determined to follow you around as in most cases they don't technically break any rules besides being really really annoying.
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  12. You might want to read up on the rules, specifically rule 10 where it says dont negatively troll other players. If someone is giving you grief and you don't report it, then yes you are the problem.
  13. Kevmeup while I realize it is legal to lock the collection chest, my point is that it's not very neighborly. Why even be on a server if others can't admire and share in your creations?
    Maybe people have other reasons, but for me, shareing builds adventures and discussions is why I am on a server.
    The wild can be a dangerous place, I'm just trying to make it more friendly for the people that live there.
  14. I wasn't going to give any input on this, but i changed my mind.

    In my experience having the collection chest locked is best. If i'm at my outpost and iron getting dropped in the chest while i'm there. It's my spoils for my hard work.

    I wouldn't like it if someone came around in a neighborly way and used some of my iron that i was saving for other things.

    Simply put, look but never borrow.

  15. They don't want to be neighborly. They want to have the drops from the machine that they made using their time and hard work. Sure if you ask they might let you use it, but the main point is so they can use it, with little fear of others taking their items. The point of outposts isn't to be neighborly to everyone, its to go with a group of people(or just yourself) and make builds or just do things together. This together is not always meant for everyone.
  16. That's not exactly "neighborly". I don't complain that my next door neighbor's door is locked so I can't go in and help myself to a wonderful bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, no. Because that's called STEALING. NOT being neighborly. This thread is riding on the concept of "Hi I want your items that I see you worked hard for, but I don't wanna work hard so can I just take yours?"
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  17. Expecting to participate in a community without invitation is not neighborly. Most of us can be very generous but generosity requires an element of free will. It becomes parasitic when forced.

    Even though I can't eat all the tomatoes I grow in my garden each year, that does not mean I want people hopping the fence and picking them. I will pick them and probably choose to give the extras away.

    People feeling peeved regarding the behavior of others "exploring" like this are the reason the Locks and enclosures are there.
  18. I want to share pretty much everything at my outpost with all 17, fully approved members. I do a fair background check for everyone and I trust them. I also feel that they contribute in one way or another, so I'm glad they benefit from my hard work on farms.

    If land claiming let me fully protect a 10k radius of land in and around my outpost from building, breaking, or container access, then I would invite casual friends there often. Right now I won't even invite upstanding citizens/friends just to visit. It's not worth the risk.

    Secrecy and locked chests/items are the only form of outpost protection in the game right now.

    I can only report broken blocks or behavior a mod can witness without the use of admin tools. This means, if I see someone I don't know at my outpost, I know that the secrecy of my outpost is at risk, I know every single unlocked chest is at risk and I want them out as soon as possible to reduce that risk. Sad as it is, to report someone for stealing, I need to get a mod to TP to me and both of us watch you take an item from a chest. That is extremely hard to do.

    So I totally understand that some people may lock their farms to get people to move on/out quicker. I also understand that they may place griefer traps as it gives them an option to report unwanted visitors, which could get an issue resolved in 1 day instead of a struggle over months to get a mod to deal with stolen items or an harassment situation.

    The intent of outposts is to provide full protection and the choice to have visitors or not, the current rules are just a stop gap for legal resolution until the full system is in place. So I don't see outposts as a public build, when I visit one, I've stepped onto someone's lawn. I don't expect the owner of the house to want me to sitting on their lawn for long, or to be happy if I walk in their house and use their TV or computer.
  19. My pet peeve is when your waiting for the pigmen to stack up so you afk until then. But then a nub walks up and starts killing them and your all like hey nub your ded those drops were mine. No cutting line, i was here first. #GoldFarmProbs
  20. I agree and add this happens in any farm that is not an auto kill set up.
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