Paying 10.000 for an idea! (Redstone)

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  1. Okay so...

    I'm a Redstone addict.. But I've come short on ideas at the moment and therefor i was thinking...

    I'll pay 10.000 rupees to the guy with the BEST idea for a Redstone setup that does something that will be fun to make - or fun to use..

    It will be setup along with my Redstone tutorial grounds at SMP1 Lot 1989. Where it will be free to copy for anyone (All tuts are color-coded and explained there).

    The only requirements for the post/idea is:

    • I dont want to see any youtube videos.
    • I dont want to see any images.
    • I dont want to be able to see that you got the idea from somewhere else.
    • The idea must be original and something that would make sense on a SMP server.
    So get to work :)

    There is no rules for how many ideas you may post - i want the best idea and yes - it doesnt have to be fair for everyone.

    I will post a deadline for ideas later on - when i know there is something usefull in this topic.

    Note: This is not a CONTEST... If your idea is bad, don't expect to win anything.. If there isn't a single good idea - don't expect anyone to win..

    This is just to get some money flowing..

    PS: The first one to mention "Make autofarms! - will get his butt kicked :eek:"
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  2. Meaby a Autofarm..? Jk jk.
    1. A Bank that you have to put your pin in and then a minecart with chest comes out?
    2. A "Redstone House" Where doors are Piston Doors. Glowstone will pop-out when you hit a button. etc.
    3. Self-building house. I dont know how to describe it. (lol)
    4. A Minecart Race track where you can fall down if you get "bad luck" with the repeaters. And people would have to choose theyr way with (Multiply) levers on the way to the goal.
  3. How about a underground day to night cycle.
  4. A underground day/night detector?
    Just made one yesterday with the new 1.2 AI update on villagers and glass.

    But definitely something to look into - if it can be made in complete darkness :)

    A multi-user bank with minecarts is a good idea if there wasent res-protection and griefers :/

    If you want a look on how to make a railroad bank with pinlock - PM me and i'll show you the one i made on Utopia.
  5. Okay. And i'll be adding some ideas there for sure!
    Btw. Couldnt you make that a certain pin would give a certain minecart...?
  6. How about a 2 block wide hidden stairs with a flat floor and wall.
  7. No, I mean using wool, pistons, and redstone, to indicate what time of day it is, underground.
  8. How about underground house. And when is day the glowstone will pop out. And when is night the glowstone will go in? Or did you mean something like that Mrlegitislegit?
  9. 1: A Maze where there are levers/buttons/pressure plates etc. that you have to press to get to the end.
    2: A "Concert House" where you make with redstone so that you can push a button and a song will play, created by note blocks, and there will be several songs to choose from.
    3: A museum, where you push buttons to make different museum-stuff pop out, also with a lever leading to lots of Redstone Lamps, so that you can put light on and off.

    More ideas might come later on :)
  10. Light detector?
  11. Please, dont take my idea and re-brand it as your own.

    It would work like this. When its day, blue wool would pop up. Five minutes later, black wool would pop up, taking the place of the blue wool. Repeat. It would work with repeaters.
  12. Or, you could use a functional day-night detector that uses grass and a BUD switch
  13. Im not trying to take your idea and re-brand it as mine. Did you read the post fully?
  14. It could indeed be made like that.

    Thats whats on display at 1989 SMP1 atm. using villager AI.

    I will indeed look into this - cause atm i dont think its possible without having something on groundlevel to check for lightings.

    Im not sure i know what you mean mate..

    Your thinking about hidden stairs in the ground? on in the wall?
  15. Its to slow - if i can perfect the villagers AI with some redstone changes that uses 3 pressure plates - its gonna be instant..

    Your more then welcome to give the design a look at 1989 SMP1

    Nice ideas - keep them comming :)
  16. Just delay the redstone for 5 minutes. You will need a lot of repeaters but day and night both last around 5 minutes each.
  17. Legit, Do you know how many repeaters that would use?
  18. its more complex then that tbh when on SMP - due to the redstone freezes and ticks..

    At high load hours - each tick may last for 4 seconds and at normal hours - a tick will last for 0.5 sec etc etc.

    but it is indeed something to see if it cna be combined with a day/night sensor.

    It would take about 12 - and a small memory ^^

    wouldn't be made with JUST repeaters.
  19. Thats the fun in redstone! Have you SEEN any redstone stuff on youtube. A guy made a working COMPUTER out of it. With a working NYAN CAT video.
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  20. Legit, Remeber as your name suggests getting 750 repeaters 'legit' is very difficult also seeing as EMC time runs differently to normal speed.
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