[PARTIAL INFLATION] Well, good inflation. Please read!

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Which should we choose?

Decrease Prices 12 vote(s) 31.6%
Increase Prices 18 vote(s) 47.4%
I Don't Know 8 vote(s) 21.1%
  1. Hello reader.

    I know you are probably confused :confused: or surprised about this, but I am thinking of PARTIALLY inflating the economy of EMC.

    We could either make our prices go lower (so that things are worth "more) or our prices go higher (so that you have "lots of money").
    This MAY be decided on your votes.

    I personally feel that making our prices go lower will save us money, and for people with lots of money ATM, they will be able to donate and buy more stuff.

    Please consider this PARTIAL INFLATION, and vote your opinion.
  2. Higher prices means more opportunities for undercutting competitors... Will edit and explain tomorrow. Too much work on mobile.
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  3. macromincraftomics

    Edit: I could add some insight on how lowering/raising prices effects the emc economy as a whole, need to find the time to type all of it. :)
  4. Although I agree that there is some bad inflation going in in the economy now, I don't think we have much to do about it. I will go into more detail when I return to my house, as I am writing this from mobile right now.
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  5. none, EMC has already all the rupee income daily huge and decreasing the price would be a lot of work. EMC's economy has already partially inflated over years: 3 and 1/2 years ago diamond were 25-35r each now 110-180r each.. this is due to the massive income of rupees everyday and the demand of valuables and goods. So in my opinion just don't force the economy to make a shift. If it is necessary later, well. lets do it, but as of now, it is not necessary to have inflation or deflation on EMC's economy
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  6. Increasing prices lets you keep some stock (which makes you a reliable vendor), it also lets you buy from others for more which gives you free advertising and helps many more people participate in the economy without opening their own shops.

    Lowering prices usually gets you bought out quick, making you unreliable and exhausted restocking. It also doesn't help anyone else participate in the economy, since if you have a lot of stock, they'd have to somehow acquire it for as cheap as you could to compete. Not everyone has the resources (or skill) to do that.

    In general, the price of things that takes some work to acquire is going up and the price of things that can be camped in great quantity is going down (gold/iron/slime). People are getting more money over time, which lets them be lazier.

    The economy is interactive, every time you buy or sell something you are effecting it and in turn the people that depend on it. I'm glad there is people out there that realize this :)
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  7. that is true if only you up the prices, but in inflation everyone raises their prices so you would no longer be a high priced shop, but just a regular shop.
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  8. It really isn't up to a player to decide a price among items, it occurs naturally and is dependent on supply, demand, and the value of the currency. Let me explain the that real quick. If something is low in demand, not many people will want it causing shops to lower price if they want to make business, if something is high in demand, however, shops must raise prices to make as much business as possible. It also depends on demand, if something is high in demand and low in supply then it will likely rise, if something is high in demand and high in supply, prices will most likely drop or stay steady. Also the price can depend on the value of emc's currency (rupees). If rupees keep being constantly added, being able to buy them, being given out as contest and event prizes, and through voting, the value of rupees will go down, causing prices of items to go up (inflation). Another flaw with your plan (not trying to be rude, just giving my two cents) is that if you were able to unnaturally change the prices of items, not everyone is going to agree with you and lower/raise their prices and the economy would be all whack and I'm sure that is something we all do not want. :p
  9. Actually the price of diamonds has inflated because more and more people who come onto EMC don't feel like mining, or die mining and so give up, or some other unfortunate scenario, and opt to buy diamonds instead, so there's a higher demand for diamonds.
  10. No change.
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  11. Holy shit. I obviously havn't been in game lately.... they were around 35r last time I was in game.... that's fricken crazy.:eek:
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  12. I went ahead and voted inflation although any discussion here would have next to no impact on the economy. It has been obvious for a while that aikr is trying to inflate the economy subtly and he will continue to do so. Inflation is best because it allows small shops to sell for less than the big ships while still keeping a higher percentage of their profit. I would explain more but everyone above me seems to be preparing something big given their comments :p
    You also can get much more rupees now so it all evens out.
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  13. Just keep it simple. Make everything free :D
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  14. *hits the promo shops*
  15. I agree with what most people said. I think there is indeed no need for forced inflation. It'll happen if it's needed.
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  16. I agree that there shouldn't be forced inflation, but I think that we should deflate.
    For example, voting gives you 100r (most of the time). That means that you can, ATM, buy only 1 diamond.
    However, if we deflate prices, we can buy about 2-3 diamonds.

    Also, if we deflate prices, people will come to the cheaper shops (psychology)- so that they can spend less money.
    The "expensive" shops will lower their prices, and the people that are already low, we can lower the prices even lower.
    We can keep doing this until the price of a diamond is about 20r, then we can stop deflating and keep the prices the same way.

    I have already begun to deflate by lowering my diamond price to 90r per, as well as making the prices of wood, iron, dirt low. Iron is 1 for 4r, and if Deflation continued, I will change to 1 for 3r or even 2r.

    This would be good for the people who has a lot of money at the moment (for example 300k or 100k), as well as bring good for the people who want items for cheap.

    Please consider this as well as decreasing your prices compared yo other shops.

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  17. In our system, people buy out the cheap shop and instantly resell to the expensive shop. This leaves the cheap shop bare and empty and the expensive one as reliable and fully stocked. I buy as many diamonds as I can at 100r for example. And your're out of Diamonds btw :)
  18. First off, there so many other ways to get rupees. Voting will get 1000 rupees at the least if you vote on every site. You can buy much more than 1 diamond just by voting. The problem with lower prices is that undercutting the competition is hard and hurts the small businesses on emc. For example, at 20 diamonds, I can only change my prices by a small amount or else I will be losing a larger percentage of my profit. If the prices are rising and the rupees we get rise proportionally, I could undercut my competition by much more with affecting my percent income. Inflation encourages competition and competition is good. Deflation removes competition which means players will only buy from mega malls because why buy anywhere else. In the end, there is a reason we have been inflating and I hope it continues.
  19. You say 'subtlety'... His want for inflation hasn't exactly been subtle :p
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