[PARTIAL INFLATION] Well, good inflation. Please read!

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Which should we choose?

Decrease Prices 12 vote(s) 31.6%
Increase Prices 18 vote(s) 47.4%
I Don't Know 8 vote(s) 21.1%
  1. I can get a DC of Quartz in roughly 8 hours. At the current market, that's 130k, or 16,250r per hour.

    However, mining in general will not get you close to that. The most you can get is around 10k per hour, for all ores (that's with a strip mine). If I were to buy my diamonds, I could earn more rupees than if I mined for them.

    Therefore, mining diamonds would be detrimental to me. Quartz is just one example of this. There definitely are others.
  2. There is one side effect you aren't seeing. There won't be much room for competition. I have explained this somewhere else in this thread so I won't go into details about it now, but those of us who were here when the economy was at the point you describe, know just how bad it can be. You are looking at the high end items, but what about items that are already at the single digit prices? They will not have any further to drop and will stagnant at 1r. This happened to iron prices a while ago and it made things impossible to compete. Why should I buy my iron from anywhere other than the big mega malls who are certain to be in stock when the small shops can't offer a lower price. When things deflate, lower priced items hit a new low and we see problems with the small EMC businesses. You also assume that money earned is independent of the cost of items. This isn't true. The market will deflate proportionally with the number of rupees people have slowly falling to accommodate the lower prices. Deflation will only help the hoarders of rupees who don't reinvest in the community and everyone else will get poorer.
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  3. Inflation is great. People who are against it generally dont have a large income or desire to make an income. I've been with EMC for almost a year and my liquid capital is over a million and my net worth is several times that. This all done without ever opening a shop or a business.
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  4. Might you explain how you did this?
  5. You are right... I didn't think about this before.
    However, now that I have thought of this, competition isn't the best thing for everyone.
    If iron is 1 for 1r, that's fine.
    So what with iron?
    What about all the other things out there to sell?
  6. The how isn't hard the time it took was harder. I don't mind talking about it but it's not for this thread.
  7. Competition is good for a capitalist based economy and a capitalist based economy is the only real way to do survival Minecraft. If everyone goes to 1r prices, there won't be any good ways for smaller businesses to differentiate and people will only buy from mega malls. This removes the economy aspect of the server and makes it much harder to get rich. The iron was only an example. Any item can be deflated to the 1r mark, especially those that are already in the single digits.
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  8. Oh...
    You're right.
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  9. I'm asking questions to make us think this through step by step.
    I think there are many people interested and it is good to understand this.

    I (still) see 3 possible interpretations of your suggestion, I'm not sure which one you're thinking of:

    A) Let's produce more of everything all of us together, so we will all have more stuff.
    That's a very nice suggestion, but many of us are already doing their best.
    It is perhaps also safe to say that the most are doing their best, only very few people could and would follow that suggestion.

    B) Let us producers produce more (and sell cheaper), so people (who do not produce) will get more for their "free rupees" - "daily / login bonus", voting etc - without effort. Also, people who hoard rupees will be able to buy more.
    This would mean that people who produce would be practically donating stuff (more than they are now) to people who do not produce. Obviously, they would not get much in return for their donation. Probably not even a "thank you."

    C) Let people get more "free rupees" so they can get more stuff without effort.
    This wouldn't work at all.
    If nobody produces more, there won't be more stuff to share / donate.
    The prices would just get higher and higher, it would only make damage to the people / economy / community.

    The economy (and community) is like a system of communicating vessels. If you change something on one side, the other sides change as well and the balance gets restored. Messing up too much will in sum likely do more damage than good.
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  10. You can still sell for low prices at your shop. For example, you could set up a way for people doing non-profit things to get extreme discounts on your items or you can do sales like 90r diamonds. Thanks to the inflated economy, you can do sales like that and still get a strong income:)