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  1. in this thread post some of the more obscure opinions/ideas you might have ill start with one i havent heard alot of people mimic:

    i think that for the most part all these new diseases and conditions that pop up (like adhd) arent real just peoples combined unconscious neurosi

    share yours and maybe some of us will have some in common.
  2. People are stupid and dumb. We're going to die through overpopulation soon enough, we're smart. Too smart. I'd much rather be dead than be a contribution to an ugly species.

    I personally think life is a waste of Earth's time. Every few million years there's a mass extinction. The biggest one wiped out 95% of Earth's life and it still hasn't fully recovered. I sense another one in maybe 100, 200, 300 years. Then mammals die out and another species becomes dominant.
    Seriously, this is in order:
    Bacteria = Dominant first
    Fish = Dominant
    Amphibians = Dominant
    Reptiles = Dominant
    Dinosaurs = Dominant
    Mammals = Dominant
    Who's next?
  3. That some people are too harsh on people on the forums...especially on new players who don't know what there doing. When i made my first couple of forum posts people didn't seem to like them and be a little harsh on me in my opinion.....or maybe that's just me.
  4. There are some people who believe things are wrong with them just because someone thinks they have it. But there are those people who really do. My aunt tries to say there is nothing wrong with me, I'm just a hypochondriac, my dad used to say the same until I finally got a diagnoses and found out my problems. There are people out there who go "Oh I might have this disease, go look it up and go "OMG I DO, I HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS" because they WANT to believe something is wrong. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Depression and I can honestly feel when I'm having an episode. Every little thing annoys me, I'm tense and snapping at everything.

    I agree. I even wrote a thread that many people agreed with, the rest of them ignored it and continue to troll. I even saw someone once admit they were trying to be the next SillyWhiteMage. If you don't know her she was a troll who had long stopped playing and just stuck to the forums causing drama. She was finally banned.

    I think that yes, we need people to talk to and to express our feelings. But at the same time there are those who just constantly do things to start drama. I'm not talking about "I feel bad today, I dunno how to cheer up." I'm talking the people who always "I dropped my cereal today, I'm gonna go scoop my eyes out with a spoon because I'm too stupid to hold cereal." They also tell people stuff to get sympathy and pity and free stuff. My mom does this stuff. I found this out from a bunch of people who contacted me asking if we were ok. When she decided to divorce my dad she told everyone she could that dad kicked her, my sister and me out and was moving a woman he was secretly having an affair with into the house. When I told them the truth they were mad.

    People also do this stuff online all the time.

    I'm sure I'll have other stuff to post, but I can't think atm.
  5. Mine would be; Most people just don't care.
  6. My generation and those below mine hold some of the stupidest people i think i will ever meet. One thing i notice anyone that i talk to so far cant even describe what they think love is with out putting the words that pretty much equal bang bang pop out a baby. For instance my friend met another guy on a site called MeetMe, they knew each other for a day and skyped for about 4 hours and decided they were going to go outwith one another.

    On top of that they have never met each other but apparently this guy drinks does drugs and cheats on him and only wants him to bang bang minus the pop out a baby. He is driving six hours away to met this guy who lies and stuff to him and i refuse to go with him and he cant understand why I wont come meet the love of his life.

    If that don't cut the cake for you: Parents are stupid now a days: my 12 year old cousin cant even read a sentence to save his life because his mother (my aunt) does his work for him once he is home from school. He has ADD and ADHD and is suppose to take pills for it which they do actually help. I mean if a little pill keeps this kid from beating me in the head with a metal rod, and trying to drown me in a pool (both have happened and dont tell me hes 12 i could of threw him off because then i would be in jail) then heck yeah he needs to take the pill. But no my aunt is to stupid and says he doesn't need it.
  7. Not to mention he's over 100 pounds.
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  8. I'm really can't post my vast amount of opinions, but I might as well go and post my biggest issue...
    Most people are pathetic: I cannot stand most people. Parents have themselves convinced that their children are freaking angels. God forbid they get their feelings a little hurt, have to exercise, or do something that makes them upset in the slightest. It's always what the child wants. Nothing matters more. They spoil and shelter their kids, therefore ruining there lives when it's time to get in the real world already. These people are terrible parents who are preparing there kids for a life of uselessness and stupidity. This neatly brings us to my next point, kids these days. Now since I am criticizing people in my age group, I believe I can safely say that all those people who say "kids these days are X (X is probably bad)" are right, at least partially. The kids who have the aforementioned parents are completely screwed up. They have the intelligence of a kitchen shelf, and the originality of one too. These people under-perform at about everything, except sports. Don't expect anything remotely worth your time from these people. They are useless, and they likely will be because of their parents. They're being taught that they're all that, but they are just another human being, or to be more accurate, a waste of space. They lack so much originality that they might as well be the same people, endlessly copied and pasted like our world is a computer simulation with a lazy programmer. Not only that, but they have egos of such massive size that they rival small planets. Every single one of them. If egos where physical objects then we would all be dead from the millions of egos crushing us. These people are completely intolerable.
  9. Cats>Dogs
    Starbucks>Dunkin donuts.
    Intelligence> looks (wish I had either)

    Also that originality is dead. We all just copy one or another in some way shape or form.
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  10. Hamsters>Cats>Dogs
    Cheese = Evil
  11. No we don't! Now some more...
    Starbucks>Dunkin donuts.
    Intelligence> looks (wish I had either)

    Also that originality is dead. We all just copy one or another in some way shape or form.
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  12. this times 1000
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  13. I cannot stand how dumb my generation is. Saying something stupid every once in a while is one thing. Having every word come out of your mouth be uneducated, bias just for the sake of being biased, and just downright stupid. Is quite another.
    All these fools talking about SWAG and YOLO and all that. Seriously? You only live once, yeah, so going and getting drunk, high, getting random people pregnant, doing stupid stuff. You only live once so why waste it on something so stupid? Do something good with your freaking life! Go help out at a church of go build a freaking orphanage or something. Hell i was 14 years old and my sister was like 12, our mother took us on a mission trip to mexico with some people from our church, and we spent two weeks building an orphanage and a playground, we helped feed children, we held a huge party in this park with food and everything and invited anyone who walked by, people who were not so fortunate to have what we have, WE did something GOOD, There was this little girl, she was maybe 8-9 years old, barely spoke english, she was wonderful to be around nonetheless. She had literally nothing in the way of toys, her parents couldn't afford it, they were living in literally a concrete box with a door and a few beds. I went and bought that little girl a doll with my extra money i had brought and she was overjoyed. I came back the next year, and you know what? That girl had heard we were coming back. She remembered me and she cried and gave me a big hug when she saw me. I learned later her father had been inspired and gained a new "lease on life" so to speak after talking with someone from our group. He s at that picnic we had heald the year before. That little girl was overjoyed to see me again,many times, she had kept that doll in almost mint , she said it was one of the only toys she had ever had. Her dad had gotten a job and was making good money and they had a real house.
    THAT is what you should be doing with your life, something good that will help others or help you be a better person and do well in life. Something that changes the lives of others.
    People should be doing stuff like this, not stupid stuff that could hurt themselves and others.

    So yeah.

    I'm done now......sorry.......
  14. I was trying to find a way to tie this to Sparer's post and I kinda feel like it does but not sure, I'll just post it.
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  16. I hate how society acts nowadays. "YOU HAVE TO GET A DEGREE SO YOU DON'T GET A CRAPPY JOB!". I had a friend post on facebook that she was tired of her Pizza delivery job because she got treated crappy and didn't have the money to pay her bills and support her child. Someone told her to be happy she had a job to go to and to suck it up.

    My aunt went to college, pretty much copied and pasted her work and passed, yet the whole time she was going to school the factory she worked for, that shut down, PAID for her to go to college. She kept saying stuff like "I should just quit and find me a job." "I need a job, I hate reading these books."

    Brit came home from school one day telling about one of the teachers telling everyone that community colleges aren't real colleges and that she took her children to tour a University so that they could see what a real college looks like.
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  17. I also think 16-17 year old girls should quit freaking getting pregnant.....i mean really?
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  18. Like no #YOLO #SWAG #BrainDamage
    Let's clean up Twitter while we're at it, shall we?
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  19. And not only that, but these girls are starting to act like it isn't even a big deal!
    I heard two girls talking the other day, they were maybe 16.
    They were like "But what if you get pregnant?"
    And the second one replied.
    "No big deal, i can just get an abortion. No biggie. " REALLY?!?! NO BIGGIE!?!?!
    I have never wanted to hit a girl.....i did want to at that moment. (Edit) I have AMAZING self-control thank god, otherwise i would have said something -_-
    That is NOT ok......."Oh it's just a human child, no biggie, i can just have them kill it so i can go get pregnant again."
    This is not ok.
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  20. Sort of the same for me, when I was in fifth grade I self diagnosed myself with ADD, however when I asked my parents they did not believe me and believed that I was making myself a crutch for my bad grades. After bringing it up this year (8th) again and pleading they finally took me to a doctor. The doctor affirmed my assumptions and diagnosed me with ADD. Now I perform much better in school because I am able to focus on the lesson and my parents make sure I always take my medicine, but sometimes I think I would have been able to do much better in the beginning of school if they believed me in the first place.
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